Now WHERE is my Cowgirl Hat???

This wandering woman is packin’ again!

Not guns mind you…I have enough trouble as it is getting through security!
I am heading off to Texas for more “Surrendering the Secret” Blessings.
2 Certified Leader Training’s and 2 Church speaking opportunities.
I have only been home for a few days from the country music capital of the US where pickin’ and playin’ are going on 24/7/365!
They even have singing guitar players entertaining travelers at the Nashville International (Ya know the one that goes from Florida to Tennessee with no stops!) Airport Grille.

No doubt these are yet to be discovered stars of tomorrow! (The one above is mine!)
They even had a bit of Grandma Karioke (No spell check available!)!
It made me cry to watch a very sweet old lady sing “Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?” while her elderly husband ate his french fires without looking up.
Made me miss my honey all the more!

I still have Brad Paisely playing over and over in my head. “I thought I luvvvved ya then….”!!
My week, however, has been more like what is found under the boot than in it. Just a tad few challenges and rough riding. Oh well, “Some days are Diamonds and some Days are Stones” Yall.
If you are interested in a sweet night out with your boot scootin honey, shuffle on over to my facebook page for a chance to put on your high heels and get a babysitter.
We have a few seats left!!
Winning tip! It’s not country but its’ music!!

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  1. You're one woman on the go for sure.

    Have fun at your conferences and don't let those Texans turn you into a cowgirl! ha.

    Posted today if you are interested.

  2. Have a wonderful time in Texas!! Give Melinda a big hug for me.
    I am up to my ears in papers for school!! It's crazy but I am loving it.

    Hopefully I will see you soon.

    Blessings to you my friend!

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