I had such an amazing time this past weekend speaking at a fund raising banquet for the Wilson Pregnancy Center in Wilson, NC.

I was on my knees in my hotel room off and on all day Friday as I prepared my heart and my words to speak on behalf of this precious pregnancy resource center. Guess what?? GOD SHOWED UP! Yep, no surprise there. He LOVES LIFE and those who defend it.

The center brought in 30% more money than last year plus got a promise from a donor to UNDERWRITE their dream for a new medical outreach.

I love to help sanctity of life ministries raise money so if you or anyone you know needs a passionate pregnancy center or adoption agency fund raising speaker, please pass my name along.

Today, I unpack, wash clothes and put them right back in the suitcase 🙂



This will be a busy and FUN week!

After I MILK every bit of attention I can get from my family and friends for my birthday this week :)…I will be heading north to the land of snow for a FREEDOM WEEKEND in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From what I hear some snow is going to be falling. I am so happy about that. Summer is already slipping in a bit too soon into to Tampa. I know–Boohooohooo….

If you are going to be at the Calvary Church, Grand Rapids Imagine Me..Set Free Conference this weekend, give me a shout out here in the COMMENTS SECTION and I will bring you a special prize!

By the Way..I Planted some SEEDS today on Imagine Me..Set Free Website.

Join us will you in the weekly study of God’s Word?

Just sign up in the link to your right and get these in your inbox every Sunday. I am still sending a few gifts out to my new SEED Sisters!


Blessings friends 🙂

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  1. So much prayer and planning has gone into the Grand Rapids, Michigan conference. I will be there with an open heart.
    Patty Doren

    1. You are precious Margaret, my prayers right back to you!!
      Keep taking that anointing everywhere you go!!

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