Boys will be boys!

I am having such a fun weekend with my oldest G-Boys  (don’t tell them I called them that, they think it’s “girly”). 

We have been hanging out since yesterday morning and I am loving every minute. We have seen a movie–“BandSlam” (it was really good BTW); then hurried over to the music store to try out every instrument they have in preparation for the band of the future. We have had popcorn, M&M’s, Milkshakes and hamburgers, Mexican food and my requested “Chicken and Yellow Rice”. 
I can not even COUNT the number of pitchers of Sweet Tea that have been downed. 
Hense…they stayed up until 2am last night watching ANOTHER movie with Aunt Julianna. As for me, by that time I was I snuggled in my bed listening to their laughter and thinking, “This is Heaven!”.
This morning, bright and early, we were at the mall ready to take on the big waves!! 
Yep! Surfing in the Mall…gotta love it!
Tomorrow night we have a Tampa Bay Devil Rays Game on the agenda. After that, they leave and my house is really quiet. A MESS, but quiet. 
It gets worse as my Julianna heads back out next week to return to college. 
Honey and I will empty nesting again very soon.
My, My..time does fly!!
Speaking of FLYING! I head out next week to be a part of the wonderful speaking team for Lifeway Women’s Fully Loaded! It comes right before the AWESOME and Exciting Living Proof Live Simulcast! It you live ANYWHERE NEAR Green Bay, Wisconsin, we would love to have you come join us. 

As for LPL….You can be there from anywhere!!!
Check out the BIG CHEESE!!
An Important Message from Beth Moore from LWEvents on Vimeo.

Will you be there?

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  1. yes i do love my g'boys too wanting a g'girl can't wait for the girls day on sunday our wonderful mothers birthday !!!

  2. I will be at First Baptist Buna, at a simulcast with my ministry booth promoting STS Training in Kirbyville. Wish I could be at the "Real" conference, but I am certain God will Show Up at ALL the events!

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