My Devotion to Devotionals

I would not call myself the most disciplined girl in the world. 

For example, I start my diet every day. I have been trying to complete 30 days of the 30 day “Shred” for about 3 months. My garden looks beautiful once in a while, the rest of the time it looks like an interstate embankment. 

However, after close to a quarter of a century (HELLO!) of walking with God, there are a few things in my life that have shown me, that when I want to, I CAN stick something out consistently. I can do what I say I will do and actually stick with a task until it is completed.
I have a girlfriend that teases with me when we talk about our “I thought abouts”. 
Things like, “I thought about sending her a card”. 
“I thought about calling my sister to say “I love you”. 
“I thought about cleaning the garage this weekend”.
One of the sweet things that I have been disciplined with over the past 25 years, is time in my Prayer Chair. 
I have talked about that before on “Sweet Tea” but what I wanted to share this morning is about how I use a Bible Study, like Beth Moore’s “Esther” or Kelly Minter’s “No Other Gods” to help me stay excited about this discipline. I could truly go on and on here listing my Lifeway buddies as well as the many other authors that I follow. 
I am always using a Bible study to help me stay in God’s Word. The other thing that I use and sometimes carry around me, are Devotional books. 
My very favorite, hands down, is “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers.
Oswald Chambers is a man that was not famous when he was alive. He died in 1917 at the age of 43. Only 3 books had been published with his name on the cover. It was his loving widow “Biddy” who made him famous after his death.
I just have to say here, I think I have been called “Biddy” a few times but it was NOT in love!!!
Anyway, Biddy took the words of her beloved husband and turned them into over 30 published books!!
In any case, Oswald has done as much for my Christian Walk as any writer I can think of who is not in the Bible. He has challenged my perspectives (some of his still don’t sit well with me). He has given me hope when I have felt like a failure. He has poured spiritual gasoline on my dreams. He has unwrapped scripture in ways that have helped me understand some things that are beyond my grasp.
I am so thankful for the written word. I have always been utterly awed by the Word of God and amazed at how God reveals Himself and His plan for and to men and women through His inspired and inerrant Word. It is irreplaceable in our Christian walk. 
I am so very blessed and grateful that God continues to use men and women today to reveal
His Word, His Work and His ways through mortal man for our eternal good.
I am devoted to devotions!!

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  1. Very insightful. I never thought about my "I thought about…" thoughts. As I read that, I thought about how many times, I said I was going to vacuum and clean the interior of my car. Ha!

    I know there are much deeper thought abouts that I should do more than think about. How's about that for a tongue-twisting thought?

    I think being devoted to devotions is the key to being devoted at all. Dontcha think? Amen.
    Sweet Blessings,

  2. I too love devotional books and bible studies. I would finish one bible study and quickly find another one. (I have been doing this for years). However, at times, I had wondered if I used these studies as a bit of a crutch. You know, that I should just be reading the Word.

    However, time and time again, I would find myself returing to devotionals/studies to keep me consistent in the Word. I agree with you, we are extremely blessed to have so many wonderful resources that God has provided for our enjoyment and our growth!

  3. I was just given his book as a gift and I adore it!!! See you when I get home.



  4. Paula,
    Thank you for your "as usual" sweet words. I agree that devotion to devotions is the key to deeper thought abouts that we should really think about!
    Bless you girl,

  5. Karla,
    I do agree and understand what you are saying about staying in the Word. We have to be so careful not to allow replacements for God's way of saying things!

    I can't wait to hear more.

  6. Me too, all around! I love devotions and I love Oswald. His "utmost" has been my companion for three solid years now. And while I read other devotionals along (Sarah Young's Jesus Calling is another favorite), I am faithful to read Oswald's depth everyday.

    Thanks for stopping by, Pat. We share a mutual blogging friend, Melinda, although you all know one another face to face. How I would love to sit with all my blogging friends accordingly.

    God bless you in your week and in your ministry to the brokenhearted. We need more Pat's in the world.


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