Today is a Good Day

My granddaughter is singing praises to God as she plays Tea Party with American Girl dolls on my family room floor. She is happy. She is safe. She is hopeful. She is peaceful. She is more than adored. She is deeply loved. She is singing.

Today is a Good Day.

Today is Good Friday.

It is The Day in history when all of creation engaged in a battle like no other, between darkness and light.

It is The Day that ripped a curtain and opened the way for me and for you to be face to face with Our Creator and His Eternal Kingdom Life.

It is The Day that reaches out and draws us close and allows us to take hold of Heaven and Earth.

It is The Day that allowed for a love beyond our imagination and beyond our ability to truly understand.

It is The Day that Jesus died for us.

One by  One.

Just Me.

Just my “G” girl.

Just You.

26789_10150133497320654_814005653_11380752_5315635_nToday is a Good Day.

Matt 27 & 28

Mark 15 & 16

Luke 23 & 24

John 18-21

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