Spiritual Poverty

Poor: having little; dependent upon charity; meagerly supplied; deficient or lacking in something

Since the day I surrendered my life to Christ I have known 2 things without a doubt.

1) When I cry out to God, He always answers. (not always in my timing but HE ALWAYS ANSWERS.

2) I am nothing without Him.

There are times when I get caught up in activity, assignments, laundry….when, although I never “forget” those truths, I sometimes allow the noise of my life to drown out God’s quiet whisper and His sovereign control.

I shared over here on my Speaker page, that I have had a bit of a busy year. It has been great and God has been GREATER. He has shown up every single time. Times when I was too tired to “be wonderful”; times when the Host was a hot-mess; times when the crowd appeared “half-dead” from the podium and times when I was on fire and ablaze with His Word.

Regardless of my condition, he is never lacking and is actually AMAZING when I am the emptiest.

As this season of activity slows, I am able to quiet my heart and sit in His presence for some extended time of embrace. As usual, I come into these special seasons with an eagerness just to be FILLED. To be Restored. To be INFUSED. To be REDIRECTED and CORRECTED in any way He desires.

Sunday, as I lingered for several hours, the Lord led me to His Word in Matthew 5—The BE-Attitudes :). A timeless teaching; an unparalleled Leadership Conference that took place without registration; without ticket sales; without social media promotion; without full page ads….

It’s been a while since I settled on these words of wisdom and life…how about you?

The first claim that Jesus makes here, nabbed me.

BLESSED are the POOR IN SPIRIT, for theirs is the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.

I read, and reread. I pulled out every Bible research tool I have landing at the finish line on my Logos Bible Software (way more complicated and full of good stuff than I know how to use yet)

As I hit this season I am very aware that I am POOR IN SPIRIT.

I have little–I am meagerly supplied–I am lacking and deficient.

The good news is that Jesus says, and I believe, the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is MINE!!

God blesses those who realize they are POOR. God blesses those who know they need His help.

God blessed Gideon–who was not strong enough. (Judges 6:14)

God blessed Jeremiah–who was not a good speaker (Jer 1:4)

God blessed Simon Peter–who was unworthy and unsuccessful (Luke 5)

God blesses those who know they need Him.

God blesses those who are POOR in SPIRIT. Spiritually bankrupt.

God’s Definition of Poor: Humble; Modest; Surrendered; Submitted; In Need of a Savior; Depending upon God for every crumb.




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  1. Oh yes, ME! Probably more than I even realize. Any time I sit before the Word, I realize how very much I stand in need of Him to fill me.

    LOVE your new blog look! Love it! So beautiful and inviting.

  2. Leah,
    You are always so precious and transparent. Thank you for the “new blog” blessings.
    Love you girl,

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