A Promise is a Promise!!!

I KNOW, it has been far too long since my last confession…um…post!

Sometimes I do wonder if I get a bit too transparent on this thing but that has kind-of been the story of my life and ministry.

Since we last met here I have been to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and BACK!  You have heard that expression before right???

Well don’t go thinkin’ you know what I mean.

The word that goes there is ARIZONA!!!

Yep. Another adventure in the recent travels of yours truly. I will not go into details but think Mexican Food with FLORIDA (aka Seafood) ingredients and you will arrive somewhere close to the depth of my suffering in a Tucson hotel for 3 days.

However, none of that bad stuff happened in Tucson before my joyful time spent with these amazing women of God at a training event for Surrendering the Secret!


Unfortunately I missed my always joyful time with the Lifeway “You Lead” team while hanging onto a washcloth in my hotel room. I was heartbroken but heard that a wonderful time was had by all—go figure!!

The GOOD NEWS is that God ALWAYS has something wonderful for us when we persevere and hang onto our faith, even if whining while hanging.

I was bless-fully able to recover from my bad food choices just in time to receive a whole new perspective of a personal story that unfolded in my heart after hearing from THIS AMAZING, Filled with God’s Fresh Word Woman.

Beth Moore, filled us to the brim with LIFE CHANGING TRUTH at the Living Proof Life Event that was held in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (Yep, Arizona) following my adventure into digestive darkness.

Beth’s passion and delivery of God’s SWEET Restoring Word made all that occurred the days before seem worth the wail.


I would love to tell you more about that but right now I have to  GIVE SOME BOOKS AWAY as PROMISED HERE!!!!!

I received  many, many precious comments, emails, facebook notes and personal cards after our amazing ENCOUNTER with God in North Carolina at our first FREEDOM WEEKEND that it was difficult to organize them all for a drawing but here goes:

Summer Baruth

Kimberly Kraut

Patsy Logue

and Denise Adcock

One of These new Bible Studies published by my friend Janet Thompson will come your way as soon as your EMAIL me your address!!


Come back later this week and I’ll share that new confession..umm..personal story!!!

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