Walk a Mile in my Shoes…PUULLEEEZE!!!!

Today is Saturday so, unlike most days, I am not going to even try to write some brilliant, editor captivating, blog following mania, awe inspiring, thesis of thought. Aren’t you glad??

So, for those who will do what book publishers are looking for….READ ANYTHING I WRITE!!!!! Here goes anything 🙂

I have 5 things on my agenda today.

1) Walk for exercise in this amazing weather—unless I can get this puppy dog to do it for me and just rock off calories in my front porch rocker instead.


2) Attend a FUN “WALK for Life” Kickoff party with a few of my favorite people!


3) Do some writing on my workshop for Lifeway’s “You Lead” to be held next week in Tucson, Az. (Whoo Hoo. I have never been to Tucson!)

YOU Lead

4) Help my precious college daughter with a paper that is due on Tuesday. (She’s the blonde in the front)


5) Cook a gourmet seafood dinner for my honey tonight! (I did NOT pay this price for my crabmeat–PTL!!)


That is it.

Done Deal.

Try to keep you comments short and sweet. I just don’t have time to read hundreds of them today!

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  1. Sounds like you have a great day planned. Puulleeeze send some of your “amazing” weather over here to Texas. We could sure use it. It’s 37 degrees with 25 mile an hour winds. Brrr! I was wearing flip flops yesterday.

    Hope that was short and sweet enough for ya…very funny!

  2. Karla,
    You are so adorable!! I wish I could send you some amazing weather but I will just pray that yours arrives very soon!!!
    bless you!!

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