Who am I serving again?

Oh my, do the lessons EVER get easier in YOUR Life?

They don’t seem to in mine.

I am honestly counting the days until 2013–Yep–there are 25 left. I am praying that next year is easier than this year in terms of my learning curve. I am praying that MAYBE more of what God has planted in me over the past 28 years will BLOOM a bit prettier and takeover the weeds that I pretty much PLANT-ATIONED this past year.



My Prayer Chair time was sloppy today. I wet some tissues with my worn out heart. I had a breakdown at the Lord’s feet wailing and whining about MY hurt feelings; MY mis-understood intentions; MY un-appreciated efforts; My righteous and pure desires 🙁

Then, I read HIS WORD for the day.

Luke 1:17-38

verse 37

“For NOTHING is impossible with God”

verse 38

“I am The Lord’s Servant, Mary answered, May it be to me as you have said”

Nuff said.

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