Writing the Right

Something is not right.

I woke up this morning with a sense of heaviness. It was not “out of the blue’. I have sensed it coming for a while.

I have learned to recognize a lack of peace in my life–a sense of something missing, something broken.

I have seen this before and I KNOW my disease.

It is the sickness of Passionate Pursuit.

I have been busy for the past 2 years. Busy doing worthy things, busy doing fun things, busy having cool experiences, busy seeing God at work, busy doing “God” stuff, always busy.

“Busy” has been a pattern of my life. It is how God created me. I am very active, very goal oriented, very engaged. I have always lived a passionate pursuit of something. There was a time when it was “man-love”; another time it was a college degree; another season had me passionately pursuing business and financial success, the next was a journey in search of personal wholeness. THAT season led me to Salvation. I discovered on that driven pursuit, that the keys to my FREEDOM are in the hands of Jesus Christ and no other. I learned that He alone could fill my GIANT CUP of personal emptiness and need. I learned that He was waiting with outstretched arms at all times and offered living water that would keep my cup full and overflowing. I learned that He knew me before I was born. He saw all of my passionate pursuits and knew that He would be my real first love and my last love.

My greatest love.

My peace.

My joy.

My hope.

My life.

My Ultimate and Final Passionate Pursuit.

So….when I feel myself falling back into a pattern of PURSUIT that does not quench my thirst, I know that I am in trouble.

Some of the things I recognize in my own life are:


Feelings of low self worth/just never GOOD enough

Feelings of comparing myself to others and never measuring up

Feelings of rejection or being un-chosen

Feelings of fear or anxiety

Feelings of decreasing value


Tired, bad sleep patterns

Poor eating habits

Weight issues

Not enough exercise

No rocking chair or swing sitting


Quiet and lingering God time is quickly replaced by email, facebook, twitter, or blogging!

Neglect of real digging in study of God’s Word

Spiritual Disciplines WAY out of whack

Focus is more on my own FULFILLMENT and approval from others verses being FILLED with God and Fully Fixed on His approval and love.

Check, Check, Check.

When any combination of those things appear, I have learned to pay attention. God has taught me to have a tender sensitivity to His gentle alarm systems. I know that I have to STOP everything and get back to my first love. I know that it is time to get things RIGHT again.

It is time to get myself back to the “RIGHT” Passionate Pursuit

It is time to Narrow my Focus to one thing!

Seek God with my whole heart in a FRESH way…AGAIN.

Wow…that was revealing. I pray that if you can relate, you will be promted to join me.

See those logos below??? Don’t be looking for me at those places quite as much, but I will be HERE because I LOVE to Write the Right.

God called me to share Eternal Truths for Everyday Life.

This is my life.

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  1. I have been there! I could check off your entire list! Sitting daily with God early in the morning before the house awakes has been so transforming in my life! I need to seek Him daily, nothing else, just Him!!

  2. Jenn,
    Isn’t it easy to find ourselves slipping isn’t it? For me, it’s not just the quiet time, it’s the NOISY times in between that get me of course.
    God is so good and kind though, He just nudges me and waits.
    Now…it is MY turn to do the same!

  3. I’m at the same place you are Pat. Thank you for reminding me of where I need to be. Sometimes life is just harder than other times, but God gives us the tools we need. I just need to get off my back side and continue to study His word, there is such strength in it.

  4. ohhh Kathy…getting off thee backside is such a tough first step isn’t it? I understand. It seems the longer the linger the heavier the haul!!
    Blessing sister,

  5. Pat,

    I am just coming out of that very season. It is a downward spiral of self-examination and always coming up short–very short. That is because we are setting our standards by what the world says is acceptable, rather than what God says is acceptable.

    I’m just thankful that He doesn’t leave us there, but rather gives us those holy urges~~and in my case, sometimes it is a holy kick in the backside~~to get us back in relationship with Him.


  6. Leah, I am so glad that you fell OUT!!! PTL. I have always found this to be a time that takes a complete turning around of my heart, focus and sometimes body!!
    Love you girl!

  7. Turning with you…completely. Body, mind and soul. Fell into a pit before I realized I was slipping but He set my feet on a rock and He is renewing my heart with a new song of hope, freedom and rest.

    Love you sis!

    PS. I can’t imagine me not set free. Oh, what a dreadful thing that would be!

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