Roosters and Turkeys

Last night I went to bed thinking about Turkeys and woke up thinking about Roosters!
Sometimes, when I hear myself say some things that I say, I cannot believe I said them.
Or worse, I believe it, I just wish that I hadn’t.
Last night, during the night, a rooster crowed in my head. 
It wasn’t a Turkey, it was a rooster!
I was reminded very quickly of the story of Peter in Matt 26:31-75.
As I was tossing and turning to get back to sleep, I realized that I have said some things over the past few days that have dishonored God and were NOT Thankful.
I mentioned last post that we had our Annual Gala for the ministry last week. We have worked for 6 months on that event, the last couple of weeks have been brutal. We put our hearts into the program, the decorations, the comfort of the guests, the food choices. 
It is like having a wedding once a year. Hard, Hard work.
This event represents the main opportunity each year for us to raise money for the ministry. We actually set our budget for the next year based upon it’s results. As a team, we set our financial goals very high this year. In spite of the economy we reached for the stars in our expectations. We have heard of some other crisis pregnancy ministries who have scored big at this years fundraisers. We were determined to follow their lead.
Ours is not a selfish goal, or so I thought. Our desire is to serve women. To minister to families. To save babies. To share truth with teens. To spread the truth about post abortion trauma to the nations and even the world. To share the love of Jesus Christ to all that God sends our way.
These are  lofty goals!
Peter and his disciple buddies had lofty goals. Verse 35 of Matthew 26 Peter says:
“Even if I have to die with you, I will NEVER deny you!” and all the disciples said the same thing.
Our Gala was fabulous. 
The program was great. 
The food was excellent. 
The guests raved about the evening. 
The decorations were stunning. (see photos in the post below).
However, as we have tallied our commitments, our financial expectations have not been met. 
We did not come anywhere near our goal. 
It seems we may have even fallen short of last year.
We have been discouraged. We have been disappointed and I have spoken it.
Each time I have been asked about the “results” of the evening, I have said–
“It was a beautiful night but we did not make as much money as we had hoped”
Oh my goodness.
Last night, the rooster crowed!
I can not even believe that I have said that. I feel so connected to Peter’s heart. I actually always have. He and I have so much in common and most of it lies between the chin and the nose!
My mouth so often goes before my brain and even before my heart.
I love God. I am thankful. I am blessed. Sometimes my mouth does not reflect my thankful heart.
Last night, I did the same thing that Peter did in Matthew 26:75–“He went outside and bitterly wept”. Well, I didn’t go outside (it was 1am!), and I didn’t “bitterly weep” but I did repent sincerely and I did cry out to God for forgiveness.
At our Gala, 
God was lifted up. 
550 guests heard about the ministry of Life Impact Network.
Old friends were reunited. 
Our guests enjoyed a wonderful meal and an evening of fellowship. 
People were challenged by the work of the ministry and committed to give their offerings to support it. 
An opportunity to receive Christ as Saviour was presented and accepted by several guests who thought that they were coming for the “cheaper chicken”.
Who can measure that?
Who can be thankful enough?
The rooster crowed in my heart last night and led me to Thanksgiving.
It is so easy to get there from wherever we are. It is three simple steps away.
Step 1) Repent
Step 2) Receive the forgiveness that Christ has for you.
Step 3) Rejoice in Thanksgiving…in other words CROW your heart out!!!!
I will be picking up my Turkey today but Roosters will be on my mind.

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  1. Sometimes it is so easy to get wrapped up in the things of this Earth – our worldly plans and visions – what we hoped for.

    Why do you have the gala each year? As a ministry. The gala in itself is a ministry – the money raised is a sideline.

    Do you think God is any “less than” with less money? Will he make less happen with less money? Or will the blessing fill the ministry with God’s power DESPITE less money raised?

    Oh, I am so excited to know what God has in store for your ministry this year!

  2. I can so relate to that. We say something positive and follow it with a big ol’ ugly “but”. It was nice but….My first thought is how I do this with my personal circumstances when the subject of how I’m doing in it. I could easily say “I’m okay but…it is still very painful. I’m okay…but a million things.” I need to be thankful for all He’s done in the midst of my painful situation. Amen?!

  3. Pat,
    On this Thanksgiving-eve, I just wanted to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to you and tell you how thankful I am to God for your life and your ministry. You mean so much to so many people. We are grateful for how God is using you. I am blessed to have met you at the "Leadership Forum" at Lifeway. Keep up the God work!
    Prayers, Love, & Blessings,
    Janet (JayCee)
    P.S….I know ALL ABOUT opening my mouth when I shouldn't. It's one of the biggest things I struggle with. Thanks for your perspective on "roosters crowing." I will be trying to K.M.M.S. (Keep My Mouth Shut) today and in the days ahead unless it is for PRAISE!

  4. Hello friend,

    I so love your transparency! You are not afraid to call ’em like you see ’em, even when what you see is something you don’t like in yourself.

    Be assured that you are NOT alone in the malady of the mouth – and I don’t just mean Peter! You’ve given us some good food for thought this Thanksgiving and I think that may be a little more important that the “food for stomach” that we’re used to. :o)

    Love to you and yours this special holiday,

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