Fresh Word Friday

My “Fresh” Word for the day is PEACE!!

The reason that PEACE is a Fresh Word today is not really such a great reason. 
PEACE should not really be so “fresh” quite so often for me. 
As a matter of fact “PEACE” should be an old everyday word shouldn’t it.
I was always a good student. Being the “oldest” child (read my Bio page for more on this Old Girl story), I always made my parents proud with Honor Roll and Stars on Papers. When I was young, I learned quickly. Now that I am older, it seems that I have to learn and RE learn and learn yet again.
The thing that I am always RE-learning about is PEACE! and how the PEACE of God leads me into the PLANS of God.
Colossians 3:15 in the Amplified Bible says 
“Let the PEACE (soul harmony which comes) from Christ rule (act as an umpire continually) in your heart (deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your mind)”
I have learned (on multiple occasions) to let the PEACE of God that is my inheritance in Jesus, lead me when I am torn between two decisions, which is often! More often than not, I have had to learn the hard way by having a LOSS of PEACE, when I am doing something that is out of God’s will for me. You know what I mean. The times when you are plodding through something with a sense of uneasiness, an uncomfortable stirring, an inability to find JOY in the assignment. That is when I know that God is not in what I am doing, that my choice is not His choice.
I recently had an experience like that. I had an amazing opportunity to write a book. God told me on the day of my salvation that I was going to write. I had never before had the desire to be a writer, nor did I have a clue how to go about such a task. But I knew in my heart that God had given me a new dream. 
Many—many—many years passed in my ministry journey. 
Over those years I wrote some magazine articles, some ministry tools, lots of speeches and Letters to the Editor. I even had the story of our daughters adoption published in a compilation book called “Loved By Choice”. I attended some writers conferences here and there and got a really decent start on a Fiction book that every editor I showed at the conferences wanted. 
I just never seemed to have the time to finish it.
Then, suddenly (now that’s a great Fresh Word for another Friday!!) January 2006 my life took a whole new turn and before I could say “Praise the Lord”, I had TWO, not one but TWO book contracts! 
The one that took my breath away was a new Bible Study published by Lifeway called “Surrendering the Secret
PEACE not only led every minute of that amazing process but JOY wrapped itself around me as well. I never, never, never for one millisecond, doubted that God was all over that project.
The second book got put on hold, I thought for good.
Earlier this year, the second book showed back up in my life and I assumed that since God told me that I was going to write, and a publisher wanted me to write, and I had an idea for a book, that obviously I was to write…..RIGHT????
I wrote, and I prayed… PEACE
and I wrote and I prayed… PEACE, I began to sweat…
I wrote and I prayed and I prayed and I prayed…..still no PEACE, no SLEEP
I stopped writing…….I prayed and I prayed and God spoke to my heart in a BIG way…
                                                    His Word to me was clear:
                                       “No Eternal Value….No Internal Peace
Only that which is called by God, anointed by God and Directed by God has Eternal Value!!!
I will not forget that Fresh Word!!!
I had a surprise! 
I had a big task to explain to my wonderful and patient publisher! 
I had egg plastered on my face! 
I had lots of regrets!
But most importantly I had PEACE!!!!
I have learned yet again, please Lord, HELP ME TO REMEMBER!!
So my FRESH—OLD WORD for Friday 9/5/08 is PEACE!!!
Peace in my heart leads me into God’s plan. 
It will act as my umpire, deciding and settling all questions that come up in my mind.
I will listen to that peace, listen to my heart before I decide a course of action.
No Peace, No Action!!  

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  1. Very good “fresh word”. I guess each time a word from God ministers to us in a new way or even “another” way it constitutes fresh.

    One of the things I love about God and His word are the many layers of understanding and practical ways it works for us in our every day lives.

    I like your commitment at the end of your post. It is one that requires discipline and time taken to focus. Here’s to peace in your heart and mind that passes understanding. Hugs, Meems

  2. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for the blog comment!!! It is always nice to be encouraged when you write a post!! I don’t normally get comments and was really excited when you gave me one!!! Thank you so much!


  3. Pat,
    I love your ministry and your blog encourages me to press forward in the ministry that God has placed in my heart.

    So,because of your passion…I have an award waiting at my blog for you.

    In His Grace,

  4. Wow, ladies, you just blessed my little heart!

    Meems, commitment is one thing…discipline, now thats a whole “nother thing 🙂

    Melinda…you just keep me going!

    It was my pleasure, I will visit again soon!

    You are so sweet but you are…well…anonymous!
    I so wish that I knew which Debbie!!??

    And Tammy, I can’t wait to see what I won,
    I’m there!!

    Bless you all for joining me,

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