Wrapped up in my Baby Girl

I did not forget my commitment to blogging on a regular basis but I also made the confession about my lack of organizational skills when it comes to a fixed time and place for blogging.

My friend Lysa Terkeurst has a BIG blogging question on the table right now. 
I know she would love to hear form you. 
Most of you are very familiar with her blog but if you are not, she can be found here:  https://lysaterkeurst.blogspot.com/

This past week, I had 3 days at the ministry to catch up on 3 weeks away!!!! UUUGGG!!! 
You all know that “after vacation payback”. 
On Thursday and Friday, I had a precious speaking engagement at The Florida Pregnancy Care Center Conference” in—even map-quest cannot find—- Eustis, Flordia
I actually spent more time LOST on the back roads of Florida than I did speaking. This is true!
In any case, the ladies were lovely, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there as short as it was.
The BIG EVENT of my weekend is going to be enjoying time with my “Baby” girl. She is home from college for her first time since leaving this Fall. 
We are getting ready as I type to head to the Mall :0)……Of Course!

If you have stopped by Sweet Tea, I am honored and pray that your weekend is full of Love and Laughter!
Blessings Sweet Sisters.
Watch for my SWEET TEA PIE recipe coming up!!
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