Cute Boot Giveaway! 4 Days!!

In honor of this FINAL DELIVERY! We are having a PARTY. Both physical and social media cyber!

Let me count the ways……

1-Instagram--One set pair of Cute Boots for a copy of your purchased book receipt.

cute boots giveaway blog

2-Here on the blog–Boots and Book Gift Box to someone who leaves a comment either in  March and April or both 🙂

3-Blog subscribers!  You should have received “pop up” on your screen by now 🙂

4-From those who sign up via the Life Unstuck Website for FREE Reading Guide and Book Downloads!

5-From those who Comment on the Unstuck Woman Club on Facebook!

6-Twitter followers!

7-Insatgram! Leave a picture of the book and/or a purchase receipt and be entered from Instagram!

How’s THAT for some celebrating friends??!!

Get started RIGHT NOW by leaving a comment below! But PLEASE buy the book from your favorite retailer–Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Thank you so much for joining my Life Unstuck PARTY!



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  1. I enjoyed the live broadcast tonight. I can’t wait to get my book soon so I can read it and become unstuck

  2. Loved the simulcast. I have the book on my wish list and am even more motivated than ever to save up for the book (unexpected total roof replacement that wasn’t covered by insurance dug a bit of a hole in my finances for the moment, but this too shall pass). I’m planning to follow along with the study and the videos anyway and will take prolific notes until I get my book. Please thank all you guests who shared so openly. Y’all are a lovely bunch of ladies.

    1. I am saving up for the book too, or I have to wait a few more weeks at least. I am sorry about your roof, we had water damage and are having to pay a high deductible insurance to get it fixed. I pray you are able to get your roof fixed and are able to get the book too.

  3. A friend of mine recommended this book after we had a long conversation on Tuesday. I told her that I’m stuck and have been for the last 7 months. But I know that God is working in my life and transforming me, renewing my mind. I don’t know His plans but I’m excited about this new chapter He has me in. I just downloaded this book and can’t wait to read it. I am also interested in the bible study. Will it be online or thru Facebook?

  4. I forgot to ask about the event 23rd, will it be live online ? And I missed the event on March 16th, is it possible to still watch that online? Thank you!

  5. You are helping a lot of people, Pat. I have shared info about your book and many friends are reading the book or planning to read the book. God knows your heart and He loves you. You are a blessing to many. 🙂

  6. Oh dear sweet sister!!! NEVER let the nay sayers get you down!!! You know the TRUTH!!! You’re doing an amazing job sharing the messages that God sends to us through you!!! I love how true and honest and open you are about being a REAL human being!!! You are like a precious friend that I know will share God’s word in truth, love and grace!!! Thank you for being REAL and not some lofty, high fulutting(sp) snobby better than everyone else FAKE Christian. I love ya and am proud to say I know you and would stand arm in arm with our boxing gloves and boots and take on the nay sayers!!! Keep your chin up cause you are a wonderful obedient daughter of the KING!!!! Blessing sweet sister!!!!

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