10 Ways We Get STUCK in Life!


1–We live behind “masks” and don’t let anyone see the real us!

2–We allow comparison, strife and unbelief wrap around our value to God!

3–We don’t KNOW what God says about us so we allow ourselves to be treated “less than….”

4–We don’t understand the value of “like-mined” fellowship and friendship.

5–We don’t press into God for our particular purpose and identity.

6–We don’t have a vision, dream for our life.

7–We don’t think and speak in agreement with God’s Word and promises.

8–We don’t take time to pause, reflect, evaluate, focus and redirect our plans to line up with God’s plan.

9–We take the AWESOME WONDER of God’s creation and His active hand on our lives for granted.

10–We don’t confront the past an allow god to use it for our future.

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