A Little Too Feisty for Her!


I have published 5 books before Life Unstuck. 2 were niche’ books with a very special assignment and 2 were my version of Etsy for writers. The first 2 make every one who needs and reads them very, very happy. They love me and I love them! The second 2 books have hardly reached anyone beyond family.

Life Unstuck is my very first general market Woman’s Christian Living book and a VERY GOOD ONE if I must say so myself!!

Life Unstuck is also my very first time in the ring with AMAZON! Ladies–take your corners!!

It has been a fun ride so far!

Day 2 or 3, Life Unstuck was #2 in Hot New Releases!! and moved between 4 and 8 in Christian Personal Growth–YAH!!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 6.01.19 PM

I soon discovered that watching your book on Amazon is like playing the lottery or sitting in front of a slot machine. After a few days of that emotional roller coaster, I stepped away from the computer and decided to let OTHERS tell me how the book was doing.

I did my best–let God do the rest!

THEN along came another new adventure–Amazon REVIEWS! Oh my!

They have been AMAZING!! So encouraging! So GOOD!

The first one I read made me cry I was so touched that my book blessed another woman’s heart.

Then came my first, NOT 5! Yikes!

One of my biggest problems with Life Unstuck is that it seems to contain far too many stories that involve either the author or her friends baring their behinds, albeit accidentally, to the world. Why? I must confess I’m not sure why that seems to be such an anecdotal theme. I found them to be very embarrassing and didn’t really help with whatever the life example we were supposed to be focused on. Her overall tone of “humor” also made me uncomfortable….If you find yourself drawn to those ladies of the church who are bold in their sharing and feisty in their teasing, Life Unstuck may be a big blessing for you.

I have to admit–even though it was a 3 rating—I LOVED IT!! I am feisty, that is true!

This is all in fun response. I love a good boxing match with PINK GLOVES and HOT PINK BOOTS!


I am completely honored by anyone who takes the time to read the book and share feedback–even when it knocks me down a bit. I understand that everyone will not love my book. We all enjoy different writing styles and perspectives.

My hearts desire and fervent prayer is that there are some women out there who will be blessed, ministered to and enjoy a bit of “feisty” along the way. I am trusting God’s work through the surrendered words I feebly attempted to share, that someone will be equipped, inspired and encouraged towards Life Unstuck!

If that is you–IF YOU LOVE IT, please share an Amazon review. If you don’t love it, I love you just the same!!

I’m just feisty that way and having a BLAST!

Hey–leave a comment and be entered for some CUTE BOOTS! March drawings are just 1 week away!



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  1. Hang in there! That ol’ devil is bound to land a few punches but he can’t win against a pink-gloved, cute-booted daughter of the King! 🙂

  2. Sorry for the bad reviews. Although the book is not for everyone. I believe that it will help a lot of women

  3. Maybe its just me, but I think it takes a good bit of feisty to get and live ‘Unstuck’. Thank you, Pat for speaking truth with a bit of feisty. Lol

  4. Hi Pat!
    And Amen sister!
    I am amazed at the number of Christian women who allow themselves to be influenced by the enemy when they should be able to recognize him and his evil ways which include gossip, criticism, backbiting, and negativity.
    I believe there are waayyy too many women out there that could be building up their sisters in Christ (which is exactly what you do) instead of looking for the tiniest most insignificant imperfections and pointing them out. It is amazing that they are able to sit in the pulpits of their churches and around the tables of their women’s ministry and not be able to absorb and apply what they are hearing. For goodness sakes ladies – grow up… you are not in high school anymore.
    Pat I confess, I have not read “Unstuck” yet, but I am going to purchase and read it and I can’t wait. I know from my experience with the “Surrendering the Secret Study” you wrote that your knowledge of God’s word and how you apply it to the very deep places of a women’s heart is one of your strengths and proof that you are in deed lead by the Holy Spirit. I commend you for all that you have done in your life… including this newest endeavor “Life Unstuck”. You are an example of what God can do with a woman who is willing!
    There will be those that will be bent toward destroying and tearing down what our God intends for good… but they will not prevail they cannot prevail because we are as you so lovingly have pointed out… “daughters of the King” and I would like to add beautiful princess warriors!
    With Love! Jo

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