Life Lessons Learned in a Sunflower Maze

Adventure and surprise waited around every tick of the clock throughout our Memorial Day Weekend. If you have read my past couple of Living Free post you have seen that I had a plan for last weekend. A plan to PLOP!

But God–had another plan. That happens. His plan is often a bit different from ours and in my experience–always AN ADVENTURE!

Admittedly, what I consider “adventure” sometimes creates yawns or eye rolls by others. My claim over this weekend might be one of those times.

Our youngest son had an AC blowout–in Florida 98 degree-May end-June begin-weekend. He and his family of 5–aka him, wife and 3 babies–moved into our house to wait out the “can’t get new part until Tuesday” report of the AC Repairman. From Friday night until Tuesday am, we had an “Adventure” that maybe only a Mom/G could love 🙂

Babies slept–or NOT–everywhere.
I had the awesome privilege of rocking babies to sleep EVERY night! Sometimes multiple times 🙂 With my face nuzzled into their sweet hair singing songs I sang to MY babies.
Every toy I have every owned through 5 Grands was on some floor, staircase, couch or pool deck.
Sippy Cups were moving from empty to full every 5 minutes.
Somebody had to go “potty” every 3 minutes.
There was breakfast, cleaned up to become lunch, cleaned up to become dinner with chips and baby marshmallows in between.

I was in HEAVEN!!

Basically my son’s EVERYDAY life, became my ADVENTURE! See how that works.

One of the breaks we took from the 3,000 square feet of my house feeling like 500 square feet, was a trip to a Sunflower Maze.


As I walked through those amazing flowers–one of my favorites, I heard God’s voice. I use the Sunflower as a tool in my IMAGINE ME, Freedom Weekends but I have never STOOD amongst the towering KING OF FLOWERS! I have never walked through a field of them looking up from underneath to see the blue sky that literally demands their attention and provides their very life.

I want to tell you a few things I learned as I MAZED but since I have used well over my 500 word limit to set this up, the rest is just going to have to wait until tomorrow.

My husband is rolling HIS eyes right about now—didn’t you honey :).

In any case, I WILL come back and finish sharing the “Life Lessons” tomorrow. The photos are worth the visit! Don’t you think?

Don’t you want to hear more about–THIS GUY?

It is going to be pretty EASY to write this week as I am in fact PLOPPING. Right now I am gazing out at the stunning aqua water of the Gulf of Mexico.

I have had a desire for the past many months to increase my blog writing activity. I really believe that blogging is a great tool for a writer. A place to hone the skill of writing AND editing (I know I need me some practice!)

My BHAG goal is to write a new post at least 3 times each week.

To stir myself on, and hopefully to bless your support, I am going to follow the lead of my blogging mentor Michael Hyatt and give away 5 books at the end of the month to my TOP 5 Commenter’s :).

The last time I did this was in February Leah was the winner of Made to Crave by my New York Times bestselling buddy, Lysa Terkeurst. Leah is one of my most loyal commenter so watch out for her!

The GOOD NEWS for you is that I do not YET have Michael’s number of comments so this could be a SURE THING for YOU!!

Say Hi below–Tell me you want to hear my LIFE LESSONS LEARNED!! PLEASE, TELL ME!!

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  1. Ooh, I do want to hear your life lessons from the sunflower maze! Those photos are so welcome right now. Northern CA is having unusually cold and wet weather for this time of year. It’s actually raining today! I pictured myself in that sunflower maze, lifting my face to the warm, blue sky, drinking in God’s goodness….ahhhhh =)

    Out of curiosity, and as a newbie writer myself, do you give yourself that 500-word limit? Or is that simply a good guideline? I’m excited to read more of your writing!

  2. Ok, I nearly went clicking and screaming away from your site when I saw the pic of the snake. I am deathly afraid of the creepy things. Uggghhh!!

    I do love the sunflower pics though. I’m so sorry about the AC issues for your family. Oh, how miserable. Hope things are fixed for them by now. Looking forward to the rest of the story.

  3. hey, i would love to hear more from you via blogging. i check several each day and am always disappointed when it’s the same one again. i know you are busy but i love your words of wisdom.
    i hope to read more soon!
    speaking of sunflowers, i was tickled pink when a volunteer crop of small ones came up under my birdfeeder this spring. one morning a few of them had been mysteriously mowed down. after watching for several days i found the culprit – a big fat squirrel!!! i was so mad at him!!! guess he was hungry too!

  4. Thank you for the visit ladies. I do always feel like a friend has dropped by when I come back to my blog at the end of the day and see visitors.

    Lisa and Leah, I am enjoying some rest at the beach so I’ll take a wander over to visit you tonight.

    Anita–thank you for those sweet words. You have encouraged me tonight 🙂

    I wrote tomorrows sequel during the afternoon showers so do come back! It’s an edge of your seat post to be sure 🙂

  5. I’m currently sniffling through Dr. Seuss’, “Oh the places you’ll go”, “Radical” and watching a million life lessons unfold on the Little League fields and stands. So, yes, I would love to hear your life lessons learned as they may inspire me to share more of my own…

  6. Molly–I can just imagine the great lessons in all of those!
    I’ll give it my best shot 🙂 if you’ll share yours.

  7. Hi Pat,
    I’m just back to reading your blog since the holiday and wanted to say I can hardly wait to continue reading on about the life lessons learned in the Sunflower maze…my curiosity is peeked (and I wanted to get in a comment). The posted picture you have of the Sunflower is striking. Where I grew up we had a few Sunflowers in our garden, but, I’ve never gone through a maze of them. How cool to know that the Sunflower follows the sun for it’s sustenance just as we need to follow the Son for ours!

  8. Hi Jodie,
    Welcome back girl!
    Whenever you can you MUST find a sunflower maze. It was such fun and so beautiful.
    Thank you for coming back to the blog. I look forward to your comments and thoughts.
    Weekend Blessings!!

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