Christmas Trees and New Babies

Several times over the past week I have pondered on the unmatched smell of a fresh Christmas Tree.

Honestly. My entire house is filled with that thick, nutty pine smell that truly just makes me feel good.

Obviously I am not the only one since attempts are made to duplicate and sell it in candles, room spray, hand cream, soap detergent and who knows what all else.

As I scuffed my way into the living room at ‘O Dark Thirty this morning I was again drawn into it’s captivating spell. My first thought was what in the world could possibly top that smell??

Immediately, I knew the answer, at least for me….a newborn baby.

The only thing that I can think of that captivates me more than a fresh Christmas Tree is a brand new, still wet from the womb, baby.

I can actually recall the sweet smell of each one of my children and even my Grandchildren. Goodness, is there anything like pressing your entire face up under the chin of a newborn child?

Since it is Christmas and I have been reflecting upon scriptures and songs that proclaim the world’s most famous unplanned pregnancy, I have the world’s most precious newborn baby on my mind as well.

I wonder what Mary thought the first time she tucked her nose and lips up under the chin of her newborn baby boy?

I just wonder, as she held that fresh, sweet newborn in her arms, did the words she heard from that scary angel encounter pop immediately into her mind…

“He will be great and and will be called The Son of The Most High. The Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David and He will rule over the house of Jacob forever; His kingdom will never end”. Luke 1:32-33

Mary didn’t have Christmas trees, but she had Him.

She didn’t have twinkling lights, but she had Him.

She didn’t have parades and shopping and mall music, but she had Him.

She didn’t have candles and lotion or room spray, but she had Him.

Mary sat on the straw of a stinky stable on that sweet star lit night and smelled the world change.

That’s what I want my house to smell like this Christmas and forever….Him.

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  1. Pat,

    Although my house does not have the pine tree smell (nor does it have the fake tree smell since I did not put up a tree this year), I pray that it smells of Jesus! I pray that the manger scene on my coffee table gives off the scent of Jesus. I hope that the grouping of crosses on my wall smell of Jesus. I know that the Bibles on my downstairs table speak of Jesus. I always want to spread the fragrance of Him.


  2. Truly? This might be my most favorite post you’ve ever written. It might be that it touches me as I smell a “fresh balsam” candle burning (Bath & Body Works – wonderful!). It might be that it touches me from only six months into being a new Mimmie. Most likely, however, it touches me because it exalts my Jesus…the “smell of world change”…the smell of my savior.

  3. You girls are sweet. I know you both know exactly what I mean. I have been “decorating” all day but pray that ONLY Jesus glitters in the Layton home!!!

    Love you, Have a sweet smelling Christmas sisters,

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