How Free are We?

Greetings Friends. It has been over a week since my last post at “Sweet Tea” from a speaking engagement in the Smoky Mountains. The “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” Retreat organized by Second Baptist Church of Clinton, Tn Woman’s Ministry Director Sid Brewer, was amazing.

The prayer team prayed in the Glory of God to the blessing of all who were there. (I miss you ladies!)I enjoyed the time away with 2 of my BIRTH sisters and I am still getting greetings from my new Tennessee Sisters in Christ. God is good and shows up so big when we are drawing Him in by our faith and have prepared our hearts to experience His presence!

Hidden Cove Resort is a beautiful place to visit and to truly “Retreat” whether it is in front of a blazing fire or rolling back and forth to nowhere in a wooden rocking chair… it’s a precious combination!! I felt so relaxed the entire weekend that after each time of worship I would sit back down and wait for the “speaker” to come forward. Each time surprised to remember the speaker was ME!

I truly feel that God showed up for us and did what only HE can do when we come into His presence! Regardless of anyone feeling that my part was “great” or “terrible”, when we truly expect God to work, HE works and allows no man or woman HIS GLORY. I am very grateful for that!!

The reason I have been MIA since returning last Monday, is that I have been pressing into and attempting to capture God’s Word yet again, for a new Bible Study I am writing.

The study is all about Embracing and Enjoying the FREEDOM that Christ desires for our lives. The study lays out 6 steps to healing the heart and pumping up the passion that God has designed for each of us.

I don’t know about you, I have always had a lot of “Passion” in life but I have not always had a lot of “Christ born Freedom”. The first without the second can lead to some pretty dangerous life choices.

I have walked the walk, and paid the price for many of those choices. I seems that many of my sisters in Christ have walked the same walk. I recently ask this question on Fcaebook:

“Do you think most Christian women today feel FREE?” and got these kinds of answers:

“Too many of us are bound up in the past, in appearances and in the rituals of Christianity” (Wow!)

“Even though I know my sins are forgiven by the blood of the cross, I just can’t see to forgive myself”

“Absolutley NOT!”

“No way”

“I know I don’t feel free”

I keep a copy of that response sheet in front of my face everyday as I work, asking God to empower my words and to use my typing fingers to capture the true Freedom that He has for us!

My desire in this study is to show women 6 easy stpes that will insure the walk of Freedom in Christ. Sounds good doesn’t it? 6 easy steps!! I guarantee it!

Do you feel that you are experiencing complete freedom in Christ?

Here is a little checklist out of Chapter one. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Do you consider your life to be one that expresses a life of Freedom in Christ?

Yes__________ no___________

Would you, right now this minute, define your life as “Abundant”?

yes________  no_________

Do you feel that there is any area of life that continues to trip you up?

yes________  no__________

Do you have some emotions, past choices, memories, that you just cannot seem to shake?

yes________  no___________

Are there some habits that you cannot seem to break from your life?

yes_________ no__________

Do you have some stuff hidden in secret places in your heart that few people besides God even knows?


Are there some things that you read in God’s Word that do not seem to be working in your personal life?


Lastly, do you sometimes just feel tired and worn out in your efforts to just keep everything together??


The Word that God led me to for my quiet time this morning is found in Joh 8:31-36.

“Freedom” is something worth fighting for!

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  1. Hi Pat! This looks like an amazing study! I can’t wait to see the finished product and use these 6 steps in my life!!! I can use all the help I can get!! I know God has a plan for me but I often trip up and get off course. Can’t wait to see you Thursday night! It’s going to be great. My hubbs and some friends are coming with me.

    See you soon!!!

    Love, Jennifer

  2. Pat-
    I’m praying for you as you write and teach. Such an important lesson for me to get- um uh, I mean women to get! :0) Your quiz has had me thinking and praying. Good to be asking Him these questions again, He is trustworthy and will answer.

    Love you Sister,

  3. Jennifer and Susan,
    Thank you for your brave answers. I met with my focus group today and they have put some pretty tall challenges in front of me. God is good and desires for us girls to be filled to overflow with His EXCEPTIONAL and EXTRAVAGANT Life!! I want it all and I want it for you too!!
    Thank you for praying this in with me,

  4. Great questions…I can’t imagine life without the struggles you mentioned in these questions. I am sure there are women out there that have the kind of freedom you are talking about. Unfortunately I don’t know any. You definitely have my attention!

    I am glad you are back and excited to hear what God is doing!

  5. Sweet Karla,
    Watch our calendar for an “Imagine Me” conference that you can make next year and come as my guest!
    I want to hear you say…..”God has FREEDOM for me!!!”
    My love to you sweet sister,

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