The Anointing Teaches You

I am settling into the TINY town of Artesia, New Mexico struggling NOT to take a belated Sunday afternoon nap. I have to sleep tonight in order to “finish well” my assignment in this windy state. Blissful exhaustion threatens to take me down so I decided to at least make an attempt at a partial report post. Pictures will have to follow in a few days.

I always leave something at home when I travel, this time it was my camera cord 🙁

We have a “Surrendering the Secret” Certified Leader Training here in this cute little town tomorrow then I am home-bound again!

This past FREEDOM WEEKEND exceeded our 7 months of very BIG prayers and expectations by so far that I am still stunned by God’s goodness.

Some 260 women came from all over the nation for an encounter with God.

We were all captivated by His presence.

Our 7th Imagine Me…Set Free Weekend was held at First Baptist Church of Ruidoso, New Mexico. A breathtaking view of that beautiful resort town was framed all weekend by the towering glass front entry of the sanctuary. Waves of women dressed in bright turquoise shirts decorated with the trademark “Imagine Me Sunflower” filled the sanctuary with eagerness to serve every woman who stepped into their home church.

“Men in Black” as they were called for the weekend, were stationed discreetly around the church with the weekend assignment, according to Senior Pastor Alan Stoddard, of “the women not even having to get their own water”. It honestly brought tears to my eyes to watch those men serve the women. They even gave up their bathroom. (picture coming of what the creative hostess team did with that) I don’t even want to know how the men met their own needs–ya know what I mean .

Our final blessing in Ruidoso was to attend this mornings church service and be allowed to share my heart for what God did through the generous hospitality of that amazing Body of Christ. Pastor Alan was even tweeting some of my sessions throughout the day yesterday. He blessed my heart with his encouragement. He started his sermon today with a beautiful baptism. I had never seen such a loving and touching church response as the entire congregation came forward to surround and pray for a new brother in Christ

Pastor Alan quoted 1 John 2:27 during the baptism. It caught me fresh with truth that summed up the weekend in a few power packed words:

As for YOU, the anointing you received from HIM remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as HIS ANOINTING teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit-just as it has taught you, remain in HIM!

God started our weekend out by making it very clear to all of us–It will NOT BE HUMAN FLESH who sets women FREE this weekend, it will be MY ANOINTING!

Not my sweated over, pleaded out with God, late night, early morning studied messages.

Not the fall on the floor–jump in the air heart prepared worship.

Not the warmth of the small groups.

Not the amazing servant team.

Not the breathtaking views and perfect weather.

Not the stunning decorations.

Only His Anointing delivered a weekend full of miracles, ministry and surrendered masks that  has changed my life, and the lives of many, many women forever.

Thank you Lord, for your anointing that teaches!

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  1. Hey Mom!

    I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate this post. I get you on this and am encouraged by it.


    Love you! Tim

  2. Tim,
    It can’t get much better than a son who “gets you”and is encouraged!
    I love you back,

  3. As I sit in the “tiny” Artesia town, just a room away, I am savoring every moment of this Spirit filled 6 days. From our team, to their team and every thing else in between (I know, it rhymed) I am in AWE with God. Complete Awe. All of us women will be forever changed because of Him.

    Love you!

  4. Happy Birthday Pat!!

    Still praising the Lord and savoring His presence at His Imagine Me Set Free weekend in Ruidoso! Thank you so much! Miss all of you! Give everyone a hug for me:)
    Hugs, Tracy

  5. Tracy,
    There are no words to express the overflow in our hearts after our time in New Mexico. God did so many amazing things in all of us. It will not be forgotten—ever.
    My love to you sister—HUG EVERYONE for us!!

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