She Did What She Could.

This phrase has been the buzzword around our ministry all week as we prepared for our annual Valentines Event.

This year it was called “Girls Night Out” (clever huh?) and our keynote speaker was the bundle of joy and energy, Elisa Morgan.

If you haven’t heard her share, you need to get to her website and FIND her next event near you. Elisa challenged our ladies with her humor, her Biblical truths and her personal life experiences. She and I enjoyed dinner together before the event. We have so much in common and were having so much fun we could barely tear ourselves away to get to the event. I knew our ladies would love her just as much as me and they did.

As Elisa stirred our hearts afresh about the little things and the big things we can each do to make a difference in our families, our neighborhoods, our communities and the WORLD. She caused me reflect on a few things I have personally learned about “THE CALL” of God on our lives.

When I speak at women’s events and conferences, I am often asked,

“How did you KNOW what God was CALLING you to do?”

“How can I know His purpose for my life??”.

Elisa put such an embraceable face on the things that we can do day to day that seem so small but actually influence LIVES!!

As I mulled over her message last night along with those women I have met, here are 4 things that came to my heart and mind about “THE CALL” of God on our lives:


God has a very specific plan and purpose for EVERY LIFE HE CREATES! Don’t take my word for it, read Psalm 139.

2) THE CALL of God is about God’s NATURE, not mine.

In other words, our motivation and the result of our “Doing What We Can” that has ETERNAL value, comes from God and our RELATIONSHIP with Him. We can do lots of “GOOD” things that have no life changing value, they can end up in busy work that only makes us “feel good”. We must know His voice and follow it in order to accomplish GOD SIZED MINISTRY and make a difference that influences the Kingdom of God.

3) The CALL of God is about God’s ABILITY not mine.

When I stepped into the call of God on my life I had no clue what to do or how to make a difference. I learned very quickly that was EXACTLY what God had in mind and EXACTLY what please Him most. He desires and deserves ALL the Glory. He is the one with the power to get things done and the wisdom to know how. My job is just to say YES!! No Job Description. No experience needed (not the worlds kind anyway). Just the right heart and the right direction. Direction that comes from time listening to Him and time waiting for His plan to unfold. Everything else is just EMPTY ACTIVITY.

4) The CALL of God is personal.

It is between Him and You. You don’t need man’s/woman’s approval or praise. You don’t need ANYTHING but God’s heart and His leading to step into THE CALL he has for your life.

Whatever He CALLS us to do, we are to be a reflection of Him and His love day in and day out—That’s the Call. That’s the Purpose of Life.

How about you?

Do you KNOW what God has “Called” you to do? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. Pat,

    This post is pack chock full of wisdom. Each of us has a unique call…mine doesn’t look like yours and yours doesn’t look like mine. I think we hurt God’s heart when we try to walk in another person’s calling. That is a hard thing to break free from, in truth, especially for those of us in ministry. In truth what you are talking about in this post is our Legacy…which, as you know, is my thing!!

    Last night Greg and I, along with another couple went to Atlanta to hear Dr. Michael Brown speak at Congregation Beth Messiah. I expected to hear a talk about all things Messianic Jewish. What I heard was an awesome sermon straight from the heart of God to my heart. Dr. Brown reminded all of us to major on the majors, to keep Yeshua (Jesus) at the center of everything and never get sidetracked with things that seem to be good but don’t have Jesus at their center. He also reminded us that the power of the Good News of Jesus is in the proclamation of it. What an awesome reminder that was to me to always, always keep Jesus at the center of every message…which I try to do anyway.

    Have a great Lord’s Day.


  2. Leah,
    This is the exact message God is constantly speaking to my heart these days…ME FIRST…all else…sinking sand!

    We are so blessed to have one another to not only remind us but to spur us on!
    I am grateful for your heart,

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