Garlands Galore!!

This is a message from the “Sweet Tea” Emergency Blogging System!!!

I have stopped in the middle of my decorating progress to join the “Holiday Garland Show and Tell” sponsored by The Nesting Place.

I spent several hours last night wandering around blogland and enjoying all of your beautiful creations. What a talented bunch of bloggers you all are. 
I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the variety of styles and ideas.
Although I feel a bit intimidated, my desire to be a part of the fun is greater than my pride so here goes!

My Living Room Fireplace has always been one of my favorite decorating places and a great place to kick start my holiday brain juices. I have a purple living room as I explained in my post about Advent. I have so much fun drawing upon the color of royalty and adding a bit of glitter and glamour!

My Family Room is Blue and White so I chose to focus on the white this year on the top of my Entertainment Center. I have had these wonderful lighted churches for years and always add some new twist to freshen the look. This year I popped some small trees up there and a garland of white roses. The Blue and Silver ornament tree on the right has been the thing I have been unsure about but I have moved on to new challenges now so it is what it is!!

My Staircase is decorated this year with giant white magnolias, silver wreaths and oversized ornaments with a few white spriggy things thrown in for fun!

The blue and white from my Family Room continues into my kitchen. I have a small distressed white Kitchen China Cabinet that offers a fun spot for some lights and color in the kitchen.

Last but First on my tour, we give our Gold nativity set a place of honor at the front door on the Foyer Buffet. It is the first thing that you see after you enter our home. 

My hearts desire is for Jesus to be the focus of all that goes on within these walls as we celebrate the Birth of our Lord!
So there you have it, as it is right now. My Holiday decorating is an ever changing process as I pick and move and change things as the days go on. Oddly enough this year, the LAST thing that I have to do is put up our tree. 
My daughter arrives home for the holidays tonight and has promised to help me decorate. I can’t wait!! 
I pray that you enjoy your Gander at my Garlands as much as I have enjoyed yours!

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  1. I think it’s great and I love, love the blue and white!

    Favor–can you go back to the Mr. Liky and relink directly to this post so people can easily find it after you link again?

  2. MomMom,
    I love white furniture also. I actually have it in almost all of my room and would have all white furniture if I could replace everything!
    Thank you for visiting!

  3. Kim,
    Lucky huh…that it came before December 26th!
    Thank you for the blog help today, as you can see, i have not mastered it yet 🙂

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Pat. I especially love the pics of purple and then the blue. Your purple decorations are very unique and lovely!!!

  5. How beautiful!! My decorations only extend to my living room which consists of my tree and the 2 stockings hanging nearby!

  6. The decorating over your fireplace is GORGEOUS!!!! I have been looking all over for something purple to add to my Christmas decor, but have found nothing YET! I’ll keep my eyes open. I love how that royal theme ties in with advent.

    Catching up on some enjoyable reading,

  7. Pat, thanks so much for the tour! I love your home, so warm and welcoming. I wish you and your loved ones the happiest Christmas celebrating the birth of Christ!

    xo Lidy

  8. OOOOH, I could so steal your purple mantle, which wouldn’t be very Christmas of me, but rather Scroogy, but ooh-la-la I love it!!!

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