4 Steps to Knowing God’s Will for Your Life.

Warning, this post is NOT for Spiritual Wimps! Oooppps…Did I just SAY that?

I may be learning from Paul. I have spent the week in the book of Galatians. This morning I made a list of all the ways Paul desribed himself in this chapter. Wow, what a lesson for a woman like me whose first response is to take hold of lesser self evaluations!

I have determined to practice seeing and speaking of myself, not in a lofty, egotistical way, but the way GOD SEES ME. That is sometimes difficult. However, one lesson I have completely learned is NOTHING WORTH HAVING IS EASY!

Everything that matters takes commitment and work. Marriage.  Ministry.  Parenting.  Leadership. It’s all work.

If we want to LIVE FREE, we have to follow the directions in God’s Word. We have to do the work. We have to follow through.

The good news is that God is on our side. He wants us to be where He is. Fulfill the calling that He has set us apart to fulfill. He wants us to succeed. he wants us to reflect HIS GLORY. He wants us to draw others to Kingdom Blessing. (Eph 5:17)

It is really not difficult to know and hear from God. He is always talking. He is always leading. He is always Restoring. He is NOT surprised when we mess up. He is not surprised when we take a wrong turns. He is not surprised when we face difficulty or challenges.

I said a few days ago that I know EXACTLY what God has called me to do and I know I am doing it. That sounds a bit lofty in itself doesn’t it? It’s really not lofty, it is PEACE. I have a peace in my heart that right now, in this season, that I am where God wants me to be.

I didn’t say where I sometimes think I should be, I said where God has me, doing what God has placed in my life.

I don’t do it flawlessly. I am FREE to Fail because I have a faithful Savior.

We mess up. We misbehave. We compare ourselves to others. We feel sorry for ourselves. We sometimes want to quit.  We fail.

BUT GOD NEVER MESSES UP and Psalms 139 assures us that He knows where we are and what we need!!

He is able to complete what He started in me.Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. He is able to do more than I can ask or imagine.

I have just celebrated my 27th Spiritual Birthday last week. When I became a Christian, my life was a literal shambles. Very early on I read a little book by Dr James Dobson about how to know God’s Will for your life. I read it. I believed it and I have done what it said to 27 years. Maybe they will help you.

Here are the 4 most SIMPLE TO READ—DIFFICULT TO DO—RULES that you will ever embrace.

1) The First Step to knowing God’s Will for your life is to move from Orphan to Child of God through a Salvation and Spirit Filling experience.

2) We must be filled with God’s Word and KNOW what he says about everything. HIS WORD is HIS WILL.

3) We must follow the rules of Galatians 5 from yesterday’s post. God cannot bless rebellion, continued chosen sin, immorality.

4) Surrender and Obey. Many times we KNOW what God wants. What He is saying or calling us to do, release, change, embrace…we just don’t want to do it.

Sounds so simple doesn’t it? For those of us who are following God; pressing into ALL he has for us and through us, know that these 4 tiny steps take everything we have to give–

Day by Day.

Moment by Moment.

Tell me will you…..What is YOUR greatest challenge TODAY in following God’s EXACT Plan for your life??

TOMORROW–I have a very COOL Guest Post Coming your way. I hope you will stop by 🙂

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  1. I think out of those four things, my greatest challenge is surrendering and obeying. I feel much confusion and frustration lately. Your posts this week have been so timely, both a blessing and a needed challenge. I think what it boils down to is that I feel stuck right now and I’d love to get un-stuck. I’m just really, really afraid to.

  2. I think that the greatest challenge for me is to continuously choose His way over my ‘easy’ way rebellion. Although, I constantly surrender to Him and I am learning from His word, I still find myself choosing the old ways sometimes. Thank You Jesus for forgiveness that you gave on the cross, which I have come to embrace. It is true Everything worth doing or worth loving involves work, I am weak but He is strong. I love how God wants us to join up with Him because I can not do this life without Him leading the way! Thanks for the 4 points because they are sure truth! As follower, I love getting to work on those points 🙂

  3. Lisa ,
    I completely understand 🙂 Why is it so difficult for us to surrender and obey when we know God has only good plans for us. We are truly thick headed flesh aren’t we sister? I am so glad you have been encouraged by what God has been showing me.
    Every time I put myself out there, that is what I pray for.
    Lisa, don’t stay stuck.
    Lay your heart out before God. He knows what you are going through.
    Find our what His word says about what you need or want. He wants to lead you!!
    Trust Him and take the leap into following what you hear Him say.
    Love and Blessings,

  4. Sarah,
    WE ALL find ourselves choosing the old way sometimes. I honestly don’t think I can BREATHE correctly sometimes. I have learned over 27 years of chasing God, that HE always turns around and chases me back and HE IS FASTER!!
    Stay the course. Have Faith that God knows and holds your every moment.
    You are precious,

  5. Without a doubt, the most difficult thing for me is letting go of CONTROL! Lord, have mercy, am I ever a controller!! I’m learning, though, that in the letting go, there is great peace.

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