On the 10th Day of Christmas, my true love said to me…..

When do you want to get a tree????……(lalala goes here)

A few days a go, our middle son sat on the couch in our Family Room and said” Mom, when did you become Martha Stewart?”

My head spun his direction in an “exorcist” kind of move for two reasons. I thought that I had just heard a compliment and if that was true, I did not want to miss it. The other reason was that I had worked all Sunday afternoon on the top of my entertainment center and was still not sure it worked. I was thrilled to have someone who was looking at it, tell me that it did!

As far as the “Martha” comment, I have no idea what prompted his comment. I have always decorated our home for Christmas, sometimes in an extremely gaudy fashion. Maybe he just noticed some improvement.
I can only hope.

I am considerably behind in my decorating this year. I always drag my stuff out Thanksgiving weekend but this year, with our plumbing adventure, I did not pull it all down until late Saturday afternoon. I began dragging it into my home and putting things in piles in the appropriate rooms.

Today was a day to make some headway. I figure it would be a good idea since all of this is lying around my house waiting for someone, to do something with it. Since I am the only someone who is likely to notice, I figured I better get to it. 

Not to mention that I have some Holiday parties coming may way.
I have to be finished this weekend so that I can participate in Boo Mama’s Tour of Homes that begins on December 15th!


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I so hope that you come for a visit!!

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  1. Hey Mom,

    As the old(est) son, I can attest to the fact that holiday decorations have always, always, always been a serious endeavour in the Layton Home. The house always looks great and I’m sure this year will just be better. I’m not so sure I can give such rave reviews for Dad with the outside lights though… I guess it is a steep roof and a long way up to the peak. That must be why. Keep up the good work! Love – Tim
    BTW – Kim put some pictures on our blog of some of the decorations at our house…note the lack of outside lights. Bad upbringing I guess. What can I do?

  2. Hey Pat!

    Can’t wait to see all your decorating magic. I’m sure it is going to look beautiful.

    And that comment from your son… how precious!

    Hope you are doing well my friend.

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