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I am heading out today for a weekend on the ribbon of sand known as Longboat Key with my honey and some of our kids and Grands. We have 3 adult children, 2 beautiful daughters-in-love, 5 Grands. We have vacationed there at least once a year for 30 plus years and it NEVER gets old to us. Honey pulled the “TRUMP CARD” to get the kids all there and said he wanted it “for Father’s Day”


My Honey is a HERO to our kids and has ALWAYS been an “All Pro Dad”.

When we met, I had a little 2 year old son. His young teenage birthfather had decided that “Husband and Dad” were not his cup of tea. He left us when my son was about 6 months old with a little note on our little apartment kitchen table and never looked back for until my son had become a Dad himself.

It was too late to be a DAD then.

My husband feel in love with my son while we were dating in college and I always teased that he really wanted to MARRY HIM and just took me in the bargain!! He adopted Tim within the first few months of our marriage and became an “All Pro Dad” right away.

Parenting is a BEAR!! It is not easy and doesn’t come with instructions.We have both struggled with our roles at times as “Mom” and “Dad”. Some things just about shattered our hearts and broke us into little pieces. The thing is, once you become a parent–by birth; adoption; or even foster-care. Your heart is hooked and there is no turning back.

I am fully aware of the heartbreak that results from a broken relationship with a DAD. I have held many women in my arms young and old as they shared the missing pieces of a life without a Father who loved them and showed it with words, hugs and personal time.

This book by my dear friend Mark Merrill is a MUST HAVE–MUST GIVE BOOK OF INSTRUCTIONS for any man who is striving to be a Godly Father to his children.

Of course Mark uses FOOTBALL analogies throughout the book starting out with the words ever man longs to hear…”Gentlemen, this is football” and in fact is KICKED OFF by our other Tampa buddy and “All Pro Dad” Tony Dungy.

Mark and his wife Susan and I have been friends for a long time. I stopped by his office yesterday and landed a few AUTOGRAPHED copies of All Pro Dad to give away to a few Blog; Twitter and Facebook friends.

I have more to tell you about the book as it will be my FUN FRIDAY Giveaway from now until Fathers Day!

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I’ll check back Monday–with a TAN 🙂 and a few more Longboat memories 🙂


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