Thankful for November 28th!

As Thankful as I am for all that God has done in our family this past year, I have to admit, I am Thankful that Thanksgiving Day 2008 is over.

I honestly would never have thought I would say those words but the photo story below will explain my sentiments:

Problem #1)
After a full day of cooking on Wednesday, I ended the day with a slow moving kitchen sink. 

I could fully understand the feeling my sink was experiencing, I was moving pretty slowly as well. Right before I settled into bed, I served my hard working sink a whole container of Drano to help her settle during the night.

Yesterday morning–Thanksgiving day–I woke up to find the Drano right where I left it.

The sink was completely plugged up on both sides.

In response to my shrieking, my honey, who is a “thinker” not a “handyman” kind of guy, sweetly went right to work to help out. 

He plunged, he snaked, he finally climbed under the sink, after pulling out ALL of my under sink materials and spread them out on the kitchen floor!!!! 
He then proceeded to take apart all the sink pipes to “clean them out”.

All the while, I am running back and forth to the garage sink to complete my final cooking.

The bad news got worse when after my honey had completed his PIPE surgery and was unable to figure out what went back where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO NOT GOOD!!!!!

After several hours of heating tempers and no HOT (or cold for that matter) water in the kitchen sink, honey and I decided to pull ourselves together and rise to the occasion. 

We made a decision to CHOOSE to deal with this thing in a good hearted way. 
We moved all the cars around and opened the garage up for an impromptu kitchen sink.

Mind you, my table was already set with china and I had used pretty much every serving bowl, plate and spoon for my dinner planed for 12! 

It was not going to be an easy day.

Problem #2) A mess up–ON MY PART– in the timing of dinner, resulted in one of my sons and his family not being able to come. 
It was not going to be an easy day.

Problem #3) (What is that saying about 3 STRIKES!) I guess I woke up on Wednesday with some kind of tape worm because I cooked so much food I am telling you, we could have fed the entire neighborhood. I don’t know why I cooked so much. Maybe it was the nostalgia of my cooking day. Maybe because I wanted everyone to have leftovers to take home. Maybe it was because I did not want to take the time to breakdown recipes. 

Who knows why, but I was serving 12 and cooked for 25!!

When we sat down to dinner I popped the 4 duplicate casseroles that I had not cooked yet into the oven to cook while we ate. Not too long after the blessing, our smoke alarms went off, our 5 month old G-Baby began to cry and smoke started to curl from the kitchen to the dining room. As I ran to the kitchen to take action, the phone rang. It was our alarm company telling us that firetrucks were on the way!! Seconds after I hung up the phone, a firetruck pulled up to our house!

After assuring the brave Firemen that it was simply smoke from casserole overload, I begged them to join us for dinner as I had enough food for the entire firehouse. They declined. I am not sure if it was from fear of getting served burnt food or if it was the table that was set up in the garage with the dishes on top and the plunger sitting next to it on the dirty garage floor!

In any case, once they left, we tried again to settle down and eat our dinner.

The food was delicious and the events of the day provided plenty of fodder for conversation.
After a while of sitting in our front porch rockers and letting it all digest, honey and I got to work washing a BILLION pots, pans and dishes in the garage, drying them and carrying them inside to put away.
It was an interesting Thanksgiving day to say the least.

In the interest of knowing that “ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD…” I have come to the the following conclusions about Thanksgiving 2008, in case anyone wants to turn it into a movie or a book (I am certain it will turn up somewhere in a speech!)
I am thankful to have cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner with my sweet daughter.
I am thankful that my honey and I have been together for enough years that we have learned to do an attitude adjustment very quickly.
I am thankful that my older son, whom I messed the dinner times up on, still loves and forgives me.
I am thankful that the Fire Department can get to my house in less than 5 minutes should I ever really need for them to.
I am thankful that God has created some to be thinkers and some to be PLUMBERS!! 
(The “Plummer” one, called by the “Thinker” one is on the way as I write this blog)
I am thankful to have enough leftovers that we will have food from now until Christmas which is very lucky since I am NOT COOKING before then!!
Bottom line…I am thankful!  

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  1. I get to the end of your post and I’m thinking – “That cake. What is that cake? Did she make that cake?” The rest of everything i can relate to – plumbing problems, cooking too much, getting times wrong. Not so much on the baking goodies part though.

    So – what is that cake in the picture??

  2. What a story. One year many, many years ago as a very young mom I put the potato peelings down my disposall and clogged up the pipes the day before Thanksgiving. That was my plumbing nightmare but nothing like you having to use the utility sink for Thanksgiving. Making good out of trouble is a good lesson though… not the easiest thing to do. “We are going to be thankful today!” 🙂

  3. Hi Cheri
    The cake is a Red Velvet Cake and No, I did not bake it this time. I actually grabbed it on Wednesday when I picked up my fresh turkey. It just looked too good to pass up. THAT turned out to be a good move, it was as good as it looks!

  4. Meems,
    Hope your birthday was good, we played telephone tag didn’t we!?
    Yes, i learned those kinds of lessons long ago. We ended up spending all day yesterday with 2 different plumbers. The first one could fix it, the second one worked until 9pm! He said it was caused by our 2 week vacation last month!
    As they say in…outer Mongolia??? I am thankful for running water!

  5. Pat,
    What a day to remember and alot to talk for many years to come.

    I know how you felt having to wash your dishes in another area. I was without a sink for over a month.

  6. I just kept thinking you are blessed to have a sink in your garage!! Amen, huh?

    Wow, women, you had a rough one. I can’t believe your morning started out that way.

    I love the humor running through this post down to the reasons the firemen might have declined the invitation…upon seeing the plunger.

    Don’t know where I learned it but reading Meems commented reminded me that I NEVER put potato peelings in the garbage disposal. I can’t remember if I or someone had a mishap or if my mom just put the fear of blockage in me. 🙂

    Get out your paper plates, huh?

    You are blessed, sweet one.

  7. OH MY!

    You thankful attitude is awesome!
    I would have dropped back and punted and headed to a resturant!
    And may I say that looked like a dandy turkey!


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