We have a February winner!!

Good Monday Morning bloggy friends.

You may be wondering what this adorable little boy has to do with my February give-away. The answer in NOTHING! He is just MY adorable youngest grandson and it is MY blog 🙂

I have just enjoyed the most precious Birthday weekend. It was a BIG “O” of any kind (PTL!!) just filled with sweet friends and moments of blessing.

Last week was FULL after traveling back and forth from Tampa to Colorado Springs so I never got to my Frebruary Living Free Giveaway so, here I am today to say…..

Thank you sweet Leah Adams for your faithful visits and comments–Email me your mailing address and I will mail THIS to you!!

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  1. Pat,

    What a pleasant surprise to log on and find I won! I completely forgot about the giveaway. I just love coming to your blog to get me some wisdom….and to try and entice you to move to the mountains.

    I’ll send you an email. Thanks so much.


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