Help! Help! Help!

Blogger sisters, I need help.

I need answers!

I have the amazing privilege of having my two oldest grandsons with me for the week. They are home schooled and very talented and smart, if I must say so myself.
Both of them love music and brought their musical instruments along to keep their practice up and to show off for “G”.
I have the whole week set aside and planned out for fun things to do. I have kept the time very flexible so that I can change my plans at any time to meet their desires. That turned out to be a good decision. Yesterday was filled with a movie (planned) and a long, sweet trip to a large music store (unplanned). It allowed them the opportunity to drop lots of Christmas Wish hints!

Back to the HELP part!!
As I said, these boys are smart. They have traveled all over the world and have seen many things that I have never seen. 
The older one is a GIANT teddy bear and when he walks up and down my stairs I am thrown back many years and imagine that it is his Dad and that I still have him living in my home. It is amazing how much alike they are. They walk, talk and respond to those around them in much the same manner. I love watching it.
The younger one is the “investigator”. He is always creating or building (or blowing up) something and is ALWAYS thinking, doing, watching, and wondering!
One onf my favorite parts of being with them is driving in the car somewhere. They are captured together and I LOVE to hear them talk!!!

That is the part I need help with.

These are a few of my little guys questions from yesterday:

What is a butterball?
(this question followed my comment about our newest grand baby girl being a “beautiful butterball”)

What is “Hark”?
(this question followed the Christmas music playing in the car…”Hark the Herald…”)

How did last names get started?
(that one followed a discussion of presidential candidate Mike HUCKABEE)

The first one, we came up with a few ideas about how that saying got started.

The second one was fairly easy. (Praise the Lord!)
But the last one really needs some research on my part, unless one of you could just slip me the answer.

It would really help me to impress my smart G-boys!

In the mean time…be abundantly blessed! I am!!

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  1. How fun to visit your sweet tea blog. I loved seeing all your pictures. Hope you are doing well with your ministry and life!

  2. I always heard last names come from the trade of the family. Such as the common Smiths….they would be could be blacksmiths or among the many other “smith” trades of which my mind just went completely blank.

    The last name of Barnes could be a family that build barns and they decided to throw in an “e”.

    If you find the answer please let me know. Of course my heritage is German so maybe my maiden name would be a form of a German name.

    I’d love to know the answer as there are some really wild last names and many would not follow this idea of trade.

  3. I think Paula has this right, although I know the names that end in “son” were usually indicative of being someone’s son – “Robinson” (my maiden name), Williamson, etc.

    Don’t have a CLUE about the Huckabees, however. Glad you’re having fun with your young men. :o)

  4. Glad you’re enjoying your time with your grandboys! But I’m afraid I can’t help you with the name thing….but it has piqued my curiosity!! You’ll have to let us know what you find out.

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