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Your Story Matters! Let me help you find it!

I have been sharing my friend Sharon Jaynes new book #whenyoudontlikeyourstory I am so honored to have my story told as only Sharon could do. She is a master storyteller.
Revelation 12:11 has ALWAYS been a motivating verse of scripture for me.
We are ALL CALLED to share our story. The thing is, the most powerful and effective stories are told from a place of healing and restoration. The power of your story is found in your redemption!
Have you ever taken the time to take a look back to see just how and where God has worked in your life? How he has taken broken places and made them beautiful?!
If not–I have a tool for you!
LIFE MAPPING is a LIFE CHANGING adventure that will help you Cleary see how and where God has ALWAYS been at work in your story.
I would love to help you get started. I hope you will download my workbook and join my FREE ZOOM CLASS!

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