You have ENOUGH for Today!

The Lord said to Moses, “I will rain down bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day. In this way I will test them and see whether they will follow my instructions” Exodus 16:4

Sometimes I wake up wanting more. I do. Sometimes I literally wake up thinking about what I don’t have, what I need more of.


More money. More ministry. More approval. More vacation. More wisdom. More FRIENDS on Facebook :0) More SLEEP!!

Am I alone in that?? Can I get a witness?

In my quiet time, my normal routine is to start with a heart dump of sorts–some might call it confession. I call it “dump”. I just start right out with sharing with the Lord what is on my heart and mind. He knows it anyway so I may as well dump it on out. I normally journal it but sometimes I just start talking to Jesus.

Then, I grab my Bible, my devotion or my study guide and see what God says back to me.

I GUARANTEE HE WILL SPEAK BACK!! If we listen. If we open our hearts and minds God always responds through His Word.

Today, after my dump, which was something along the line of “I just don’t have enough” (You don’t need to know my exact need. You fill in the blank for yourself–money? answers? writing skill? speaking skill? parenting wisdom? spouse love….)

God gave me the verse above.

Yes you do. You have enough for TODAY!

That is my word to share right back with you my reading friend.

IF we rely on God and not our own skill and ability–We have ENOUGH FOR TODAY!

We are good enough, smart enough, generous enough, young enough, old enough, WE ARE ENOUGH!

I close my prayer chair time with praise and thanksgiving. My heart is full. My hope is restored. 

When we give God our hearts, He always responds.

We always have enough. 

Just a couple of other notables from this Chapter in case you would like to check it out yourself–Exodus Chapter 16.

The Israelites were living in “the Desert of Sin” during this encounter with the Lord. Basically–a place of GRUMBLING! Can you say ouch?? I can.

It was IN THE DESERT that “the Glory of the Lord” appeared in a cloud.

God’s instruction through Moses was simply–you get ENOUGH FOR TODAY! No more, No less.

Lastly–IMPORTANT NOTE–God instructed the people through Moses that they were to keep an OMER of each days Manna “for generations to come” as a witness of God’s provision. An Omer is 10%. Hmmm..a reference to the TITHE. God wants us to take what we need for the day and give 10% of that back to Him for FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Just some thoughts. Hope they bless, inspire, challenge you like they did me today.

I’m changed through God’s Word.



NOTE–When I goggled a picture of a woman in a DESERT for my post, I misspelled (not unusual for me) and wrote DESSERT in the search bar 🙂

I love it!! We ALL NEED MORE DESSERT! Right? Just enough for today!

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  1. This is so good… We have enough! We are enough! Thanks to our Father in Heaven who provides all that we need! I am learning to live each day, not worrying about tomorrow…knowing that He gives me enough.

  2. “Yes you do. You have enough for TODAY!”
    I love it! I needed it…just for today. Your posts seem to know just what I need in my moment.

    love ya, friend!

    1. Tammy–that blesses my heart. There is nothing I want more than to encourage others in God’s Word and life’s journey!!
      Blessings friend!!

  3. What a wonderful post! I know I am guilty of “wanting more” of this or that. I am thankful for all of God’s blessings and I need to thank Him and praise Him all the day long. 🙂

  4. Oh Pat!!! Once more God has spoken to my heart through your chat! I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful friend in you!!! Blessings back to you as you so richly bless us when you share!!!
    Love & Prayers

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