You Are Amazing!

Did you know that? Did you know that God thinks you are amazing!

Honestly–sometimes I long to just hear His voice, to hear HIM tell me that I am amazing.


I know the Bible tells me so. I know what the scriptures say. I understand faith and the fact that a HUGE part of our walk with Jesus is all about JUST BELIEVING. Believing when we don’t feel it. Believing when we don’t see it. Believing when we don’t understand the “why” of what we are living. But sometimes, oh sometimes, it is so hard to believe.

I want to ask you today my friend, do you feel AMAZING? If you are like most women I have encountered over the past 20+ years, my guess is “no” more often than “yes”. You, instead, probably most often feel unnoticed and un-enthralling to those around you. Sometimes, words or actions you have experienced over the years have left you in a place of empty emotions when it comes to feeling something as bold as “amazing”. I mean really, what woman thinks that about herself?

My hearts desire today is to inspire you (AND ME!) to change our thinking and to remind us both that WE are one of a kind unique designs! There has never been anyone exactly like you (or me) and there never will be.

There has never been a “calling” or purpose exactly like yours (or mine) and there never will be.

The truth is, my biggest spiritual battle is to trust FACTS not FEELINGS!

I have spent the past 3 years studying Plasam 139 from just about every possible angle. I have studied commentaries, other books and every possible version of the Bible. I am just about to release a new book about it! I know for a FACT that God thinks YOU (And Me!) are amazing! 24 verses of Psalm 139 prove it. Your heavenly father is looking upon you and He is seeing spectacular you. He is seeing a daughter who has captured His heart and stolen His breath away. He is looking upon a treasured possession and the love of His life.

Oh Lord, you have searched me and you know me…..Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain. Psalm 139:1,6

Let’s agree in prayer together.

Lord, your word promises me that I am a woman who is special to you. Remind me today that no one else can fill my shoes or take my place in your plan. Remind me that I amaze you and that I have a particular assignment that is as unique to me as I am to you. In Jesus’ sweet name, Amen!

Take some time to read Psalm 139 in it’s entirety today and to write out a prayer thanking God for making you special, for your particular and unique gifts and for your specific circumstances and place in life to watch Him work through you.

I did!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and I’d love to have you JOIN THE CLUB! 


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  1. Pat,
    This is an awesome thought provoker. Amazing is definitely not what I think or feel about myself. I’m going to spend some time in Psalm 139 and in prayer and get back to ya on what I sense God speaking to me. Love ya and am so grateful to be growing in grace with your guidance.

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