Wonderful Wisdom from a friend–Interview with Suzanne Eller

I have known Suzanne (I call her Suzi) Eller for decades. At first our friendship was “from afar” as I followed her ministry to women as a new speaker and writer. Then, to my great joy, we met face to face. I will never forget the day. Suzie spoke a blessing into my life that literally “Released” my anxious heart. You see, as a new speaker and writer I was basically petrified as I compared my small offering of skills to the huge platforms of speakers and authors God had thrown me in the ring with. The day I met Suzi I was at a Christian bookseller’s convention basically wanting to find every corner I could find to hide in. Suzi found me and led me out of the corner. She encouraged me; invited me into her world and basically helped me find freedom in the calling God had for my life. That was maybe 15 years ago—Suzie is still doing the same thing for women today that she did for me.

Suzanne Eller (Suzie) is the author of 12 books including her most recent, Joy Keeper. Her next book, Prayer Starter: Talking to God in the Hard Places, releases October 2022.

Suzie’s titles have made her an ECPA bestselling author, but her greatest joy is coming alongside women to encourage them to live free. For more information on each title, and to download free resources that were created to accompany each book, click on a book to learn more.

Her website says it best “Healed women scoop up other women and run to the cross together.” Oh my—THAT is what I long for and I’ll bet you do as well.

Listen in with me on today’s Permission to Pause podcast where I had the sweet honor of chatting with Suzie about how she protects her Jesus pauses and contagiously shares that place of presence with other women.

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You can find Suzie here:

First on her own podcast “More than Small Talk” that she shares with 2 other amazing women—Holley Gerth and Jennifer Watson.



and her 12 books here—

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