A Wonderful Wednesday for A Million Little Things

The “blessings” topic we are pondering together this month is one of my favorite and easiest to chat about… In truth, giving blessings, BEING a blessing, is just so easy: a no-brainer. Easy peasy. A piece of cake. A cinch!

This theme has me thinking a bunch of the eclectic and fabulous groups of ladies that I’ve come to enjoy as true friends over the years.

It’s no secret that I have a “besties” bunch right here at home but I am BLESSED to travel all over the country and meet dynamic, fantastic women everywhere.

In fact–I want to extend a warm, firm virtual hug to all of you right now–wherever you are! Thank you for visiting my virtual home.

It’s a new year of birthdays, holidays, events, victories, tragedies, and love-filled devotion which got me to thinking about trinkets and baubles that say “I LOVE YOU FRIEND.”

Today, and every day, I honor and am deeply grateful for my friendships near and far, acquaintances and besties alike.

Wednesday is set for sharing some goodies and ideas from my everyday life. In my online “travels” I come across cute stuff and here are a few of my top picks for friendship gifts for any occasion.

I hope that you enjoy checking these out!

Friendship Memory Box

Good Friends Keepsake Box

Messy Beautiful Friendship — book

“You’re my Person” Friendship socks

As always–leave a comment and watch for my FREE FRIDAY GIVEAWAY DAY to some lucky friend who does!

*Note: The above links are connected to my Amazon Affiliate account and help pay for my FREE FRIDAY Giveaway Day. Thank you for shopping :))

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