Will You Surrender YOUR Secret?

What a fun discussion my last post generated.

You didn’t see most of it since it happened by personal email and Facebook communication. Secrets shared with a friend.

Women sharing SECRETS….tends to be a repeating theme in my life. I have set myself up as someone who is a safe place. It seems I have established myself as someone women can talk to about SECRETS and feelings they are not quick to share publicly and I am very happy that I have. Honored in fact, to be able to share God’s redeeming love with other women.

Women need that. They need to be REAL with someone. I have discovered that too often women do not feel their own church, their own Christian “sisters” to be a safe place to share their secrets.

My personal journey through the heartbreak of abortion, as shared in my Bible study Surrendering the Secret  propelled me into the land of sharing and hearing secrets and has blessed my heart for the past 4 years.

I am looking for a few secrets that are ready to be shared with the world.

I am in the final stages of completing a chapter version of Surrendering the Secret that will include stories from men, family members and friends of those women who have experienced the heartbreak of a past abortion.

I am looking for stories. Will you share your SECRET with me?

If you have a story about being a part of a past abortion–as a friend, as sister, a Mom or as a man–please send them to me ASAP at playton@awpm.net 



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