Will you accept a 24 week POSSIBILITY Challenge?

Just Imagine the possibilities —

—if the limits of what you THINK you can accomplish, what you FEAR can not be accomplished, were to be removed.

Just imagine if what you secretly suspect could NEVER be….COULD BE!!!

Just imagine, if that SECRET DREAM, that secret hope, that secret NEED that lingers in your heart–could be met and even EXCEED the POSSIBILITY limits of your own brain.

Just Imagine with me, will you?


In 24 WEEKS!! Just 24 weeks, I am going to hold something in my hands that I SECRETLY suspected was NOT POSSIBLE, but DESPERATELY dreamed it was. 

I am going to hold my new book!

Life UnStuck “Peace with your Past, Purpose in your Present, Passion for your Future”!

Tell me friend, Is your life STUCK anywhere? ANYWHERE? Tell the truth–anywhere??

Stuck in the Past?

(Stuck in past hurts, past rejection, past shame…)

Stuck in the Present?

(Stuck in current circumstances, disappointments, delays…)

Stuck in the Future?

(Stuck in hopelessness, burn out, going nowhere dreams…)

Life Unstuck is based upon the 24 verses found in Psalm 139. A fabulous, passionate, DESPERATE book of the Bible written by King David–BEFORE  he became a KING..but AFTER the POSSIBILITY was presented!  (i.e hope was planted but not present) Writing this book is a dream I have been so fearful of messing up that I have on occasion found myself S.T.U.C.K. under a bed experiencing all the emotions David experienced–girl version! “Lord, please breathe into my STUCK LIFE. I am desperate to SEE what YOU SEE Lord!”

In 24 weeks, Lord willing 🙂 I am going to hold my new book in my hands. I hope you will hold it in yours as well but even more than that–I am praying that the passion of my book will change your life like it has–like it IS–changing mine.

Just Imagine the Possibilities of a whole bunch of women with…..

UnStuck Dreams!

UnStuck Relationships!

UnStuck Finances!

UnStuck Heartbreak!

UnStuck Ministries!

I can’t wait!! I have to start reaching for it now!!

So I decided, since there are—

24 weeks until the book release and

24 verses in Psalm 139 and

24 chapters in my book…

I have decided to start a CLUB!

Whoot! Whoot! 

The UnStuck Woman Club! 

Will you accept my POSSIBILITY CHALLENGE and join my Unstuck Woman Club?

I have such big plans for this club, this team of women, helping each other embrace LIFE UNSTUCK!


Our first CLUB meeting has come to order–Our first activity will be the 24 Week Possibility Challenge.

Each week for the 24 weeks leading up to the book release I am going to share a CHALLENGE that I believe will have a measurable result in your life! In fact, I GUARANTY that if you join me in this series of challenges you will experience some Life Unstuck!

I am inviting YOU to join ME as we untangle some dreams together, uncover some POSSIBILITIES and enjoy Life UnStuck!!

Just SAY YES in the COMMENTS BELOW. I will send you an invite to a special private UnStuck Woman Club Facebook page. 

The first 24 who join will get a special treat from me!!

Say YES in the comments below and I will send you an invitation to a private Unstuck Woman Club Facebook page. PLUS I will be sharing some special goodies as we go along and leading up to the release of my book to anyone who joins during my 24 Week Possibility Challenge! 

Invite a few girlfriends and join us will you?

(NOTE–I didn’t forget my 2 giveaways this month–$25.00 Target gift certificate and a copy of my friend Lynn’s Book! Your YES to the Challenge goes into that drawing as well!)


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  1. ME ME ME!~ I am so stuck in my career right now! I feel stuck and miserable!

    I just participated in the Summer Sizzle so, if you want to skip me that is OK! 🙂

    1. YEAH Renee! You are the VERY FIRST Unstuck Woman Club “official” member. I’m so happy!! Stay tuned for your free gift 🙂

  2. Yes. I’m stuck on a harrowing event from my past. I need to move forward ASAP. Its sapping the joy out of my life. I’m reading A Surrendered Life to jump start my FREEDOM!!!!!

    1. Whoot! Whoot! Thank you Wendy!! Pass “the UnStuck Woman Club” along will you? I am excited to see what God is about to do!

  3. Sign me up! I think I’d follow you anywhere now Pat. hehe. 🙂

    Can’t wait to get unstuck! I have a couple areas in particular I can think of. <3

  4. WOW!!! You ladies are making my eyes leak 🙂 I am so blessed by your support and SUPER excited to do this!!!
    You will all receive an invitation to the private Facebook group!
    This is going to be FUN!!

  5. I accept and look forward to seeing breakthroughs for everyone who accepts the challenge! Thank you Pat for inviting me on this incredible journey!

  6. Ladies, I am so excited!!
    This is going to be fun but more than that, I really believe we are going to help each other get UNSTUCK! God is drawing His girls together for unity-strength and TRANSPARENCY!!
    Let’s show the world how this is dine!
    You will be receiving a Faceboook Group Invite–plus a free downloadable gift from me within a few day!

  7. I’m interested in being a part of this! Definitely need this because I feel I am stuck in the past and sometimes in the present. I feel this is something I need to hear and be apart of.

  8. Stuck in career.. Ready to take that next to my ministry. Love….I am Single ready to find true love.. <3

  9. YES!!!!!!! I’m all in! I have been stuck with past failures, finances, career. I’ve been stuck trying to find the best ways to bring Surrendering The Secret to my community so that I can lead my first group! I flew out to Phoenix, AZ from Louisville, Ky over a year ago to attend the leader training, and now I think my church/community is finally ready to get this thing off the ground! (It’s nerve-racking to finally build enough confidence to stand up and speak about things that you are passionate about/experiences that you’ve had, only to not have them received very well.) So I need to get “UNSTUCK” and pick up and keep moving! I’m all for the challenges! Sign me up! 🙂 Thanks!

  10. Count me apart of the Challenge! I’m ready to keep on going/serving for the Lord and do not want to get stuck!!

  11. THANK YOU! Dance with Jesus: From Grief to Grace, my first book, will hit the bookstores just a couple of weeks after your new book, Pat! Looking forward to the challenge(s)….!

  12. I’m so excited to see what the LORD will do in my life and in the lives of countless others as we journey together. Blessings.

  13. Yes! Yes! Yes! This sounds so exciting and helpful–just what I am looking for. Can not wait! Just started my own ministry and am looking for something like this.

  14. I really can use this. I am in recovery and work in a treatment facility. I am getting unstuck from getting away from going to church and my relationship with the Lord. My husband and I started going back last week. Wow!! WHat a difference it has made!

  15. Thank you Pat! Looking forward to joining your challenge and building towards the excitement of your book launch.

    Know what’s exciting for me? Dance With Jesus: From Grief to Grace, my first book, will launch 2 weeks later on March 31, 2015. FUN TIMES!

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