Why I have made my Bed on a Rock.

A recent article published by the Los Angeles Times called Abortion, America’s “Thorniest and most divisive social issue” of the past 38 years.

A battle that has raged for FOUR DECADES seems to be being BORN AGAIN in Washington and is threatening to “Shutdown” the federal government.

Oh my. Whatever will we do??

The article called the fight against abortion–and the fight FOR abortion—“the bedrock issue for both political parties”.

This was truly not hot-off-the-press NEWS to me.

I have lived my life for the past 25 years wallowing in the rocks of the hotbed of abortion.

When I became a Christian on June 9, 1984, I did what I thought at the time ALL CHRISTIANS do, I read my Bible. The first Bible I owned was a Bible for Children that had been passed down from my Grandmother and was so big I had to take two seats in church to open it. As I looked around me I began to notice much smaller versions that seemed much more manageable even though I would have to sacrifice the full page pictures of Jesus that I loved so much. I started buying other Bibles. In those early years of my new life with Christ I started to learn what God had to say about LIFE and about abortion, the destruction of innocent life. I have about 10 versions of the Bible on my bookshelves along with Bible Dictionaries, Concordances, Theology Studies and Word Studies.

They all tell me the same truth.

Abortion is sin.


It was not an easy season for me to walk through but it was in fact a healing and restoring one.

Before those days all I had learned about abortion I had learned in college. It all seemed so enlightened at the time. A woman’s right to choose what do with HER OWN BODY. I stood with my fellow students and pledged my loyalty to women’s rights. I fought to open my cities first abortion clinic. Then, a few years later, at 23 years old, I was that woman as I faced the dreaded "Unwanted Pregnancy". I was that woman who felt the panic, the shame, the "no other choice" logic of abortion. I was that woman who walked into that strip center abortion clinic. It was a roomed filled with darkness. Filled with women softly weeping over the "right" they were about to claim.

I walked out.

I decided that I had fought long and hard for “A woman’s Right to Choose”, I was not having an abortion in a dark, dingy clinic. I wanted a NICE ABORTION. So off I slithered to my local OB/GYN and demanded my “rights”. He set me up for my nice abortion. It was going to be “safe and simple”. I recognized those words. In in the early morning, out in time for lunch.

Not for me.

Instead, I woke up from the "procedure" with w Respirator Tube stuck down my throat. I had an allergic reaction to the drug they used ot put me to sleep and stopped breathing during my "safe and legal procedure". Had I chosen that strip center clinic I would not be writing these words today.

As a result of all the complications that day, I was later informed that “parts of the fetus” had been left behind during my emergency.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was thinking about “My body” or “A woman’s rights” or even the petrified reasons I made a “choice” for abortion. All I could think about on that day were the words “PARTS of the Fetus”. I began to imagine what those “parts” might be. Was it a hand? Or a foot? was it parts of a boy? or parts of a girl? What “parts” were left behind?

I would have to be re-admitted and re-aborted.

The second time I got off that table, parts of ME were left behind. I would never be the same woman again. I spent the next 7 years being only a PART of a person. Mentally, Physically and Spiritually….I was aborted.

Years later when I “Touched the Cross”, God began to open HIS WORD about abortion, about forgiveness and healing. He show me TRUTH. Since I learned what God says about life, I have never allowed that fight NOT to be My BEDROCK issue.

I am stunned to see how many Christians never talk about abortion. How many churches hide it away as a once a year topic that is often clumsily mentioned. I am stunned to watch the political process own and control a solid truth that to me, the Body of Christ should and could turn around in a day.

I have learned the statistics of the numbers of women—1 out of 3 who have had at least one abortion, I understand the silence of the shamed and unhealed church.

I have learned that 1 out of 4 pregnancies end in abortion, I have understood why millions of couples wait to adopt.

I have spent the past 25 years loving on and ministering to thousands upon thousands of women who have bought the lie of abortion.

With every single woman, I fall deeper and deeper into the ROCKS..or should I say THE ROCK!!

Although God allows me many other adventures and lots of passionate pursuits, I will die on the BedRock issue of the Sanctity of ALL Human Life.

My ministry is called Life Impact Network.

Last year we served over 300 women who walked through our doors and CHOSE LIFE over the abortion clinic next door. So far this year 297 women have walked through our doors and chosen life.

Planned Parenthood, the Nations largest abortion privider operates on close to 400 MILLION dollars of Federal Money.

That is why I have made my Bed on The Rock.

Life Impact Network operates entirely upon DONATIONS generously provided by the Body of Christ through 2 Fundraiser each year.

Our Annual Walk For Life is this weekend. Would you like to help us?

P.S. This post was inspired by my darling young friend Becca Christensen, daughter of Indianopolis Colts Coach Clyde Christensen. Check out her story HERE!






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  1. Thank you sweet Leah. It never stops blowing my mind the way God makes our messes into ministry!
    To Him be the Glory!!

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