Who are your “THOSE”?

Some of the most common questions I am ever posed when I speak at women’s conferences and retreat’s are:

“How do I know what God has called me to do?”

“How can I know God’s purpose for my life ?”

“How can I find my ministry?”

Although I have served in the same ministry for the past 24 years, I have often asked my own mentors and teachers the same questions. There have been many times, over the years, when I have questioned my direction. I have pressed into God on a regular basis for clarity and confirmation that I am still on course and still on His path for me.

He is used to that from me. He seems to be able to handle it. 🙂 I often need assurance from Him, that I am in the right place at the right time.

Are you that way? Do you sometimes wonder like I do?

Recently, during a season of “evaluation” God led me to a place in His word that dropped fresh clarity into my heart. I hope that my sharing might do the same for someone else who is seeking this kind of assurance.

The revelation came from John 17. It surprised me really. God’s does that. I love this chapter of the Bible and have studied it many times NEVER before seeing this angle.

Don’t you love that about God’s Word? It truly is alive and touches the living hurt, loneliness, fear, and confusion that life throws our way. When we open our hearts to God’s message and mine His Word for answers, God Speaks!!

In this chapter Jesus himself sets the example and is pressing into the Father God during a time a fear, uncertainty and deep trouble.

Please, Stop and read John 17 and come back. I want us to see something together.

Three things happen here:

1) Jesus prays for himself.

2) He prays for His disciples.

3) He prays for All BELIEVERS.

The new thing God showed me recently was Jesus’ focus on these 5 words: “Those you have given me”.

WOW!! That hit me like a wave of warm ocean water.

Jesus was entirely focused on “Those you have given ME”.

His people

His ministry

His assignment

His mission field

His calling…was all about “Those you have given me”. You might want to underline in your Bible, like I have done, every time you find those words in this Chapter.

Jesus Christ, Savior of the World, Son of God, Jehovah… focused one of His final prayers on this earth–not on His own family; not on all the sick, the lost the dying; not the many troubles of the world and heartaches that surrounded Him; but on “THOSE” God had assigned to Him and what THEY would do with what He had worked to teach them.

I have never had such clarity about my own ministry as at that moment. I began to write into my Journal exactly MY “THOSE”.

I knew without a doubt who came to my heart.

You will know also.

Who are your THOSE???

Is it THOSE hurting in your neighborhood?

Is it THOSE in your Sunday school class of 8 year olds?

Is it THOSE in your woman’s Bible Study?

Is it THOSE people at the restaurant, bank or insurance office you work in?

Is it THOSE teachers in your child’s school?

Is it THOSE reached through your church or  local para-church outreach?

If you are unsure of who you are called to minister to, sit with God’s Word in John 17 and ask Him to show you.

I would be honored to hear your response.

PLUS…(hehe) I will enter your name for my November drawing.

Just because YOU are one of my THOSE  🙂

Remember though, you have to COMMENT here. Not on Facebook or Twitter. I just can’t keep up with all THOSE places!!

Next Blog we will return to this Chapter and see WHAT Jesus prayed to share with His “THOSE”.

Do you see it??

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  1. What a beautiful revelation. How often am I concerned about another ‘those’ while I neglect my those.

    Precious words! Thanks for allowing me to be one of your Those.

  2. I love this! My THOSE are my fellow survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Those who have been beaten, belittled, battered, and raped. Those who believe they are worth nothing to the Lord because of what was done to them. Those who believe it was all their fault. Those are the ones I have a heart to reach, to show them that they are still precious, pure, and holy in God’s sight, no matter what their past holds. Thank you for this =)

  3. I’m glad my grand-daughter is home safe !!!!! My “those” are glad my company is gone !! I had a full day of Doctors appointments and grocery shopping for my “those” I hope to see you tomorrow !!! Love Mama

  4. Lisa,
    WOW! Blessings girl. I have prayed with many women who have endured the heartache of sexual abuse. Thank you for following God’s call into that ministry. The statistics are staggering in the US alone. Stay the course sister. Your THOSE are close to God’s heart.

    Mom—She is HOME!! WE will be there to see you!!
    Oldest P

  5. Pat, thanks for sharing about John 17. I will read this for my morning devotions tomorrow, pray and meditate.

  6. The women who have walked the same path as me but haven’t seen God’s face or tasted His freedom or forgiveness. Those that are hurting and broken because of past sin – whatever that may be….

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