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Where can I hide so no one will find me?

FIND a quiet place :))

Sometimes not so easy to do, right?

If we have been friends for any amount of time you know that my true HAPPY PLACE, in fact my life’s purpose, my QUEST if you will, is to gather women together to create spaces for God to speak into our lives; draw us higher for His purposes and hold each other up along the rocky way.

My speaking, writing and leading—in fact, every resource I create, are all nourished by the roots of that calling. One of my latest adventures in this quest of faith–has been my podcast–Permission to Pause.

Like every adventure of faith, I have ever embarked upon, my books; my leadership; my speaking ministry—none have been without cuts and bruises and this podcast has been no different. It has been a slow and rocky path, much of it with a faith lined blindfold–over my eyes. I have now recorded 36 episodes, almost a full year of podcasting and I hope that you have found your way to join me there.

This particular adventure of faith has prompted me to really consider those places and opportunities in my life that have provided the sweetest places to embrace my permission to pause times.

As a woman, just like you, who has navigated many seasons of life—being a wife, a mom, and a now a grandmother; having my own businesses, followed by a call to a full time ministry of speaking and writing—I am well aware of the intentional decision it takes for dedication to pausing in God’s presence.

First let’s remember the REASON we take permission to pause–

We Pause for Worship

Pause for Silence

Pause for Creativity

Pause for REST

Pause for Play

Pause for Perspective

Pause for NEXT STEPS

Just to mention a few of the reason God calls us to pause in has presence.

So, let’s PAUSE for a few minutes about the where, when, and how we might look for those unexpected opportunities to enjoy a bit of silence with Jesus.

I have a few of my favorites to share as well as a few ideas–with the hope that we will stir one another’s creative ideas and you will share right back, some of your favorite Pause Places—

So, here we go—

At THIS stage of my life, I have 3 favorite places to pause—

#1—Is my prayer chair.

#2—Is My SHE SHED ☺) Okay so I know MOST of us do not actually have a She Shed but just know, this has been a dream of mine for many, many years—your longtime dream may look different and if it has not come to pass—do not give up! God’s timing is perfect.

This may be a season for you of simply cuddling on your bed with a special blanket—your journal and your Bible.

Choosing a special reading chair with perfectly balanced lighting overhead or beside you and a place for your hot tea or coffee.

How about some everyday places like a hot bubble bath—where no tugging toddlers can invade your space for 15 minutes? Yes! You can lean back; close your eyes and invite God’s love to warm you up and give you a burst of energy for the next task.

So, how about your workplace? Your office? Is there a quiet bench close by, a perfect tree to spread a blanket under at lunch?

A tucked away coffee shop or library?

How about a local church whose doors are kept open for prayer and quiet?

Sometimes we really have to multitask our pause with a household duty; a carpool sit: a treadmill run—those may not feel like the very best places to pause, but God knows our season. He knows the demands of our lives. I have been there and know for a fact that God honors my heart, and my desire to hear from Him, regardless of where it is.

I mentioned my 3 faves–my #3 place is by far is an organized retreat or get away designed specifically for rest and restoration.

I am not talking about teaching conferences filled with lots of people and lots of teaching-those are amazing, but they are not the same.

I am taking about a retreat designed for rest and hearing God’s still small voice. I discovered the power of this kind of setting many years ago when I started attending an annual prayer retreat called Prayer Mountain—those events literally changed my life and my faith journey forever. I attended the same event at the same place for many years in a row. When they stopped having them, I create my own retreat called REST QUEST.

Rest Quest takes place a few times each year at lovely set apart venues with ocean breezes or mountain hikes that set the stage for Pause. These life changing events obviously take a bit more planning and saving but are worth the effort. I would love to be your Quest Guide for one someday. The details for my next QUEST are on my website now.

I hope this will help you think intentionally about seeking some places right in your surrounding world to pause in.

I have designed a thought stirring free resource for you located on my website/resources in the DEEPER DIVE materials for Permission to Pause on my website—I hope you will download that idea sheet and share on my website blog or in The Unstuck Woman Club on Facebook–any NEW IDEAS you might have.

Thank you for pausing with me today :)….


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