What’s Your Secret Dream?

We all have them! We all have dreams that we don’t say out loud. We dare not tell another soul and mostly don’t even remind ourselves.

Secret Dream

This morning–I got BRAZEN!

I am rereading a book (slower this time) by a sweet friend Leeana Tankersley, called Brazen. She has a chapter in the book called “See the Pepper Tree” that caused me to linger in my prayer chair this morning and write some secrets in my journal.

Don’t get me wrong, my daily journals are FULL of SECRETS. In fact, they are full of 32 years of raw living and shameless self reflection. I quite often wonder about pitching them all but then realize, I am real, I am flawed, I am a hot mess more often than not and it really doesn’t take a found journal after I am long gone for my family to discover that. They know.

Anyway. This chapter is about what happens when we ask our desires (aka–our dreams) to arrive in certain ways, at certain times. It got me thinking about the secret desires of my heart, embarrassing things I would never say out loud but I know, God knows and sometimes I wonder why He hasn’t said yes yet.

It was transformational to actually write some of those words on paper. I mean to admit that I really want a few of those things was embarrassing and it was just me and God. At the same time, as I wrote I realized, some of the things that I think are just dreams, are really happening in my life right now and I have not realized it. My very own “Pepper Trees”.

I challenge you to try it.

Sit alone, maybe under tree shade or a colorful umbrella and write with abandon (no editing allowed) every dream that comes to mind regardless of how silly it seems or how impossible.

Just Do It (as they say). I think you will find a surprise in your dreams. I know I did.

Share your ideas, and maybe a dream or two, in the comments and be entered to win a copy of this amazing book!

Happy Monday Friends…oh and this!!


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  1. My dream is to be married and have another another baby. I believe it’s ridiculous to share this out loud most times due to my being 34, never married, with a 17 year old and 8 year old daughter. (Both of my daughters were gifted to me by God in my darkest years of sin pre-Christ)

    It’s become my belief that good Christian men don’t want a woman who has already had children and may not be able to have more. This belief is not due to my doubt in God rather my doubt in man alone. I’ve had enough people interested at first only to become quickly uninterested once they know my family dynamic.

    So that’s my secret dream. I don’t share it because I somehow feel people are laughing at me for wanting something they feel I’ll never have…..

    1. I LOVE this!! I became a MOM by complete surprise and blessing at 35–God can and does surprise us!! Thank you for sharing your secret and allowing me to join your prayers!!

  2. My secret dream is to travel with my husband to see more of our beautiful world both near and far.

  3. I have several dreams that I have decided are not logical for me any longer. I feel my time has ran out. I made too many bad choices and lost my opportunities to be successful in making my dreams a reality.
    1. I’d like to meet, a marry, a Christian man. One that will take me fishing, out in the boat for midnight rides on the lake. A man who won’t control me but will be good to me.
    2. I have always dreamed of owning my own bed and breakfast. I even went to college for that purpose.
    3. I’d like to know what it feels like to not be in debt. And to go on a REAL vacation.

    1. Darling Sheila–#1–Kick that lie to the curb TODAY!!

      “I have decided are not logical for me any longer. I feel my time has ran out. I made too many bad choices and lost my opportunities to be successful in making my dreams a reality.”

      In fact if you will search God’s WORD today and come back here with 3 TRUTHS to replace those lies in your life, I will send you a free gift!!

      As for #2–One of my favorer bible studies was Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby.. get that!! Learned in that study to look for where God is working with someone else for a dream I have and JOIN THAT!! I’ll just bet there is a B&B in your area that could uses a volunteer–or who knows, a PT job that will help you tackle #3 🙂

      Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your heart. I have prayed for God to open new doors to stir your faith and show you His good-good love!!

  4. Hello!

    I’ll share with you my dream. I would like to go to Greece with my mother. My mother has many knowledge about history and I’ll love go to Europe and after Greece with her.

    With love


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