What To DO When Fear and Doubt Rule and Reign–

Sometimes, when I look around at the people I love going through what they are going through, I am am tempted to ask “God WHERE are you in this?” “Why is this SO HARD?”

On the one hand, I have family members and dear friends who just can’t seem to get a break as they face one life crisis after another.

On the other hand, I have virtual strangers whose broken hearts and broken lives come to me through a weekly “prayer request” list sent out by my very large church. The list runs the gamut of silly to serious.

I am very transparent on my blog–maybe too transparent, as I clumsily (1 % editing 99% pondering) share my daily life of ups and downs, weaknesses and strengths, faith and fear.

As I write, I am picturing the women in my life (YOU!)  and writing about our daily lives as Women: Wives; Moms; Sisters; Friends; Leaders; Followers of Jesus.


1 Woman-writing-back-view


My deep desire for every word I write publicly, is to serve as some bit of encouragement; provoke some fresh thought for discussion or share a felt need together.

I share what’s on my heart and hope somebody else has something similar of her heart that same day–and is helped or blessed in some way.

So today–in spite of the blessing of completing a major writing deadline (at least first round) and the hope of some much needed rest time; in spite of really want to write something upbeat and fun–I am struggling with a place of doubt that is many months long. A place I have to kick in the teeth over and over–

I am struggling with a place of loneliness and rejection in a particular area that will not get UnStuck for more than a few days-that I don’t have to confront it again.

I am struggling with a ministry decision that has eluded me for many, many months. I don’t WANT TO BE STRUGGLING with this again–but I am.

How about you? Is there a place of struggle in your life today? 

It is during those times–(I’m sure I’m talking to SOMEBODY!!) It is during those times when there is SO MUCH I DON’T KNOW–that I have to hang tightly to what I DO KNOW!

So, my friend, here is what  I reminded myself of today. I am praying and believing–some sister who is reading my blog today needs these WORDS TODAY as much as I do.

I am surrounded by God’s Love (Jer 31:3)

I Love myself (Ps 32:10)

I am able to fully love others (Lev 19:18)(1 John 4:7-10)

I feel Safe and protected by God (Ps 122:6)(Proverbs 29:25)(Proverbs 18:10)((Gen 13:13)

I have no Fear of people, places or things (I John 4:18) (I John 5:18)(Ps 23)

I am quickly alerted to sin in my life and put it under my feet (1 John 5:18)

I feel important to God (Eph 2:10)(Ps 139)

I know the purpose of my life ((Jer 29:11 (Prov 19:21) (Eph 3:11)(Phil 2:13)

I feel free to approach God as my Abba, Loving Father ((Eph 3:12)

There is no one in my life that I have not forgiven of any wrong done to me

There is no grief or sadness in my life that I do not that know the Peace of God Covers

I know that I am beautiful, loved, precious and treasured by God

I know that God cares about every need that I have and will provide for every one (Gen 22:14)

I believe that God heals all of my diseases (Exodus 15:22) Ps 103)

I have complete Peace in my Life (Judges 6:24)

I have Joy in my life

Nothing is too big for me and God (Jer 32:17-19)


Thinking of You today friend–God IS AT WORK in us!!




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  1. Your prayer answered : I am the (a) sister who needed to read these Words as much as you did! Extra blessing that God shared them through YOU!
    Let us know how HE answers! You are loved!

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