What my birthday does for you!

This is my birthday week.

Although I do a bit of life “reflection and evaluation” a few times each year, birthdays, especially at my age, tend to make a girl think about stuff!

As usual, this birthday has caused me to re-think the who, what, where and why’s of this fast passing life, especially when it comes to my ministry purpose, my resources and what I strive to offer those who visit this website. ie. YOU!

In my humble opinion, these questions NEED to be evaluated on a regular basis by every woman who considers herself to be a follower of Jesus.

#1-How am I PERSONALLY growing closer to God and reflecting Him in my own life? 

#2-What am I doing to share God’s love and grace with family and friends?

#3-How am I doing at serving the people God has placed in my world?

I am working through the more personal questions in my journal and prayer time but for now, I thought I would answer #3 or you and would love to hear how you feel I am doing.

My primary ministry message is simply this:

♥YOUR STORY MATTERS and I want to help you share it!

My key ministry verse:

♥ “We OVERCOME the enemy through the blood of JESUS and the WORD of OUR testimony” Revelation 12:11

My daily desire:

♥To help women LIVE LIFE UNSTUCK filled with freedom and purpose.  

These are the 3 goals I have for serving you:

  1. Help you FIND your story (my resources: Freedom Flower (life mapping resource); Life Unstuck (published book)
  2. Help you HEAL your story( my resources Healing a Woman’s Heart (published book); Imagine Me..Set Free (online course and event); Freedom Quest (healing retreat); Surrendering the Secret (specifically for abortion recovery)
  3. Help you LIVE and SHARE your story (my resources: Sharing Your Story online course); Quiet Quest Bible Studies (Women with Secrets:Abigail online now) REST QUEST (unique boutique retreat)

So, there you have it.

For my birthday :)) I would love to hear how you feel I am doing with the goals as well as some of YOUR answers to those reflection questions!

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