Breakfast with God

I spent my Sunday morning this week in a restaurant at the beautiful Gaylord Palms in Dallas, Texas. With all the travel God has arranged for me over the past 2 1/2 years, I am learning to be content in many environments. Eating alone is one I am still working on. I do not like it but I have a choice, either eat every meal at my hotel room desk or be a big girl and go to a restaurant alone. I always pray for a set apart place at a table with a nice view and I go prepared to bury my head in a book.

This time I took my Bible, my notebook and LOTS of questions on my heart. I asked God for a sweet quiet table and He said YES. This was my breakfast view.

It is kind of funny really. As the Carenet Conference came to a close Saturday afternoon, I was actually looking forward to having the rest of the afternoon and all day Sunday for some much needed rest time. I was surprised when as soon as my team got in cars and cabs, I felt like I was being sucked into a dark hole and awkwardly aware of nothing but my “Alone-ness”. I was bone tired and overwhelmed by God’s amazing work and word over the past four days. I had lots of questions to ask Him running unorganized races through my heart and mind but all I could manage was to go to my room, sit on the balcony with my feet propped up and visit Facebook. I finally picked myself up took a hot bath and went to bed at 9pm, AFTER I ate dinner at my hotel room desk 🙂 of course.

I woke up refreshed on Sunday morning ready to have some time with God and His Word for me.

He knew I needed to have Him alone as my breakfast companion.

Over the 4 days of the conference HUNDREDS of ministry leaders came to our “Surrendering the Secret” training or visited our display. (Some of you may be reading this now, PLEASE say Hello in the comments section!!) Those who attended all 5 of my workshops made an admirable commitment on their part as they sacrificed basically the entire conference to learn more about STS. Every single feedback sheet that I received was a raving blessing. I am humbled and honored as Carenet had LOT’S of great workshops and speakers available to choose from.

One of the many great speakers of the week was Bruce Wilkerson speaking on embracing a “Jabez faith”. You may have read his book, The Prayer of Jabez, a few years back. Our entire ministry Board of Directors actually worked through that little book together, put out some BIG FAITH requests out there and as a result have seen many “ONLY GOD”–“EXPANDED TERRITORY” results.

Being reminded of Jabez got me thinking this weekend. Because of all God has done for me and how blessed I feel, I realized I may have unconsciously placed a “THE END” on the road in some places of my ministry race. Not “DEAD END” but more like, no more EXPANDED TERRIRITORY things will be encountered in certain areas. After all the amazing things that God has done over the past 3 years I have kind of mentally accepted  those as my “LIMIT” of sorts.  You know like when you find a really amazing sale on shoes or dresses but there is a LIMIT PER CUSTOMER sign at the cash register. Or at Christmas when the toy that everyone wants is offered but you can only buy 1 0r  2 or whatever the LIMIT is.

Have you ever done that? Have you ever put a “LIMIT” on God??

That is what I have been doing in my brain. I have seen God do a miracle in my life by publishing a Bible Study that no one would really “want” to publish and most would rather not even BUY. Not a great business investment for a publisher from the worlds perspective.

Not only did God pull a study I wrote 20 years ago out of obscurity and publish it, but He choose one of the VERY BEST Christian curriculum publishers of all time–LIFEWAY CHRISTIAN RESOURCES–to rise to the challenge. Since Surrendering the Secret was released I, along with my amazing Husband, Family, Board of Directors, Staff, and Praying Friends have worked tirelessly to propel the message of Post Abortion Recovery/Surrendering the Secret across the nation and the world.

It has been hard, hard work. Most of the leadership of the Church still doesn’t get the vast numbers–MILLIONS– who are suffering as a result of this very lucrative, in both body and soul, sales job of satan. Most Pastors have no clue or do not want to face, how many CHRISTIAN women and men sit in their church pews bleeding the blood of shame and loss caused by a past abortion. The enemy is working tirelessly to keep abortion a deep dark secret held captive in the world and especially in the church. There is a territory that needs to be captured.

God served some fresh truth to my heart during our breakfast date that I would love to share. One is that I was clearly reminded over this past week, a truth I really know already but need a fresh dose of…. THAT IS NOT HOW GOD THINKS!!

God is ALWAYS doing More!!

He has NO LIMITS! My prayer notebook has been refilled along with my faith tank and I am ready to roll!

Tell me will you, have you put ANY limits on what you believe God will do through you or I am the only one??

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  1. Oh sweet friend! It was an amazing time with too many God moments to count. I am humbled to be a part of this ministry, that God would allow my ugly to be used for HIS glory is mind boggling! I am honored to walk along side you. Honored to see God be glorified through you!

    Wish I could have stayed!! Next time, so we can shop!!

    Love u!

  2. It is most certainly not just you! After all God has done in my life, you’d think I wouldn’t place limits on Him, but I still do. Just because I can’t see a way doesn’t mean He hasn’t already planned the way I should go – I’m just not privy to that information yet!

    Your story of the STS journey is encouraging to me. God has laid it on my heart to educate the church in particular about the ugly truth of domestic violence and sexual assault. That’s another area the enemy likes to keep hidden away. Too many women suffer in shame, silence, and fear. I want to speak for them and help them find their voices. I just have NO idea how God is going to use me to do that yet!

  3. Jenn–I love that “my ugly for His Glory”!!

    Lisa, another topic that is equally tough and equally needed. I pray that your heart is encouraged as you embrace the faith that it takes for such a journey. God will equip you to do what he has called you to do!! Stay the course friend.

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