What are YOU Passionate About Today?

Hi friends. Sorry to miss my Sunday post #5 of our 6 week Born to Bloom Sizzling Summer Bible Study.

Last week, while we were working through Psalm 139:13-16,  I was Here 🙂 Yep.

One of our sons took this picture 🙂 Yep.

That is a real rainbow. 🙂 Yep.



I woke up this morning thinking about THIS PICTURE and one of our verses from last week.

His works are wonderful, we know that full well (Ps 139:14)

I have been pretty aware lately, that what GOD makes is “WONDERFUL”. Oh so wonderful. Especially the little people in the bottom left hand corner 🙂

The cool thing is, not only is God’s WORK wonderful, but His TIMING is as well.

One of my favorite lines in last weeks study of this breathtaking SONG of David, is verse 16…

“ALL THE DAYS ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be”.


God saw and sees EVERY DAY of our lives. I have shared before that I haven’t always found peace in those words. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you are not finding peace in your TODAY, but this I know. Jesus loves me, Jesus loves YOU. He created you. He knows your dreams AND your nightmares. He has a plan for every single day that comes to be. He plans to make good out of bad. Something out of nothing. Average into wonderful.

Following our 6 week plan, this week you are working on Psalm 139:17-20 as we are walking together through the next to the last 4 verses of Psalm 139. If you have’t read them yet, please do. You are going to see something WONDERFUL!! You are going to see…. right away that…WhooHooo!


We see right away that God has you on His mind!!

Do you have HIM on yours?

In today’s verse (Day 19 for me) David’s got him some PASSION going on. We will actually watch it bubble up over the next few verses.

“If only you would slay the wicked o God! Away from me you bloodthirsty men”

Passion is a described in the dictionary as ANY powerful or compelling emotion. Passion can be good or bad. Wow, don’t we know it?

Look at a few synonyms for the word Passion:

fervor, zeal, ardor.

ire, fury, wrath, rage.

We have watched David pass through a variety of emotions. Very human stuff. Self reflection; awe and wonder; praise and pity; strength and fear.

Remember the story I started a few posts back when we were on Psalm 139:9-12 “How Big are The Wings of the Dawn”. The picture above is where God’s “wings” carried my family this past weekend. Talk about some passion!

The fact is, this year long journey has been filled with many of the same emotions experienced by David and expressed in Psalm 139. It has been strung together with PASSIONATE up’s and down’s. On some days, I am filled with faith and soaring “on the wings of the dawn”, other days, I have “made my bed in the depths” of doubt. Somedays, Honey and I have been hooked together heart and hand. Other days, not so much.

Walking with God is PASSIONATE.

The part of the journey above that is MAN MADE, needs a little TLC.

The part of the journey above that God made, needs only TLP—Tender Loving Worship!

or maybe it’s TLG–Tender Loving Gratitude!

or how about TLT—Tender loving Thanksgiving.

You get the picture.

On Sunday, my honey and I signed a contract on THIS view, but the journey is not over. Passion is still stirring. Faith is still required. We are still “hemmed in”–Praise His Name!

If you get a chance TODAY, please say a prayer for our “in the works” dream and if you will share in the comments, I will say a prayer for yours!!


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  1. So beautiful, Pat! Agreeing with you today for your dream! Rethinking exactly what I am passionate about! Thank you for stirring the pot! Blessings!

  2. Thank you Kaye, I will join you in praying THIS WEEK that God will uncover and stick 4th of July sparklers into your dreams so that you can NOT miss it. What is your dream for TODAY??
    Much love, Pat

  3. I’m so far behind. Really over-extended myself with Bible studies this summer. I’m saving all these messages and will devote more time to each one until I finish. Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences.
    FROG…Fully Rely On God

  4. Thank you for your postings! They have helped me in our trials with our daughter (& her personal trials). My passion is my family! I would love to give her one of these books as well in hopes one day soon she will be at a place she will really read it and look into her own soul, until then I pray for her. Thank you Pat!

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