Welcome To The World: A Woman’s Quest!

Happy Life Unstuck friend!
So far, May has been AMAZING, here in Tampa. However, we have turned a corner into my not so favorite time of year here. It is dang hot already, if I might say. April gave us so FEW showers that wildfires are spontaneously popping up all around our area. Kind of freaky. You may be having the same where you live since they are being fought everywhere it seems.Either way, my Confederate Jasmine is still crazy beautiful and makes my muggy yard (and my kitchen) smell yummy.
THE major project I have spent the entire first half of this year on, when I wasn’t on the road or in the air for speaking events, is my newest adventure of faith called A Woman’s Quest: A Unique Boutique Retreat©. “A personal and intimate encounter with Jesus” .
This has been a dream of mine for MANY years and has been in a sort soft testing questing mode for the past few years. I sponsored my first QUEST, last Fall which a 100% SUCCESS. God poured out His blessings in every way! Here are a few comments:

“I was forever changed by my quiet time with God which led me to a fun and creative time with my Quest Map! God reminded me that regardless of my “season” in life, He always has a plan and he is always at work in my life.”

“The afterglow of Vision Quest continues to surround me. I remain blessed and encouraged long after the weekend has passed”.

Each Quest has it’s own theme and a particular area of focus for the SMALL GROUP of women who attend. The QUEST I have planned now are REST QUEST; FREEDOM QUEST; VISION QUEST and PASSION QUEST but new ideas are filling me head and heart daily.
As I prepare to embark on Rest Quest, a “Lectio Divina” (meditative prayer through scripture) in a few weeks at The Cove in North Carolina, I find myself overwhelmed with prayer and praise for all God is doing in my own heart and hopefully THROUGH me for those who are attending. REST QUEST sold out very quickly so I have been praying for my QUEST GUESTS for a long time!
I’ll be hosting my next QUEST event September 15th-18th here in Tampa, FL. called FREEDOM QUEST. This event will take each guests on a journey with Jesus that will help her capture how God wants to use her past to bless her future–regardless of what that past has involved.
IS THAT YOU?? Rest Quest filled up in just a few weeks so email me if you are interested in Freedom Quest. Details will be on my website in a few weeks.
A recent confirmation that I was on God’s path for these events was the discovery just last week of my friend, the leading Lifeway Women Author and Teacher and my own spiritual mentor from afar, Beth Moore’s newest study called–yep–THE QUEST. She just announced it on her Twitter page! Oh my, my heart was UNDONE as I realized that God whispered the same word/theme “QUEST” to me and to BETH MOORE–HELLO!!! I am so excited and can not wait to get my hands on it!!
Anyway, I hope you are feeling blessed and that your own dream and journey is in full bloom.
God’s WORD is so precious to us and can not be substituted with the voice of any man or woman outside of our attendance to HIS voice and HIS presence.
NO ONE, NO IDEA, NO PROJECT, NO EVENT is allowed to take His place in our lives.
If you are someone who feels that a personal QUEST, a personal small group encounter with the Word of God and the presence of God would be of benefit to your walk with Christ. I pray that you will consider a QUEST with me but DEFINITELY put Ms Beth’s next study on your calendar for Fall!
In His Grip with you,

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  1. Oh Pat, I am so excited for you and all the ladies who will experience QUEST. Praying God does some mighty things. I would so love to attend, but I’m hosting my own ladies event right here in the north GA mountains that same September weekend.

    1. So excited for you Leah! I will definitely be in your neck of the woods all Summer–renting a cabin in Dahlonega! lets connect!!!

  2. Came over from A Refreshing Pause :-). Also, can’t wait to spend this weekend with you and all the others!!

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