We are FOOLS for Cute Boots!

I have had almost as much fun giving away CUTE BOOTS this past month as I have had releasing a brand new book. I think about 5 pair have trotted out of my office already this week (not counting the cute pair I kept for myself!)

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As promised today is the day for us to say a sweet THANK YOU to the many friends and participants who have helped spread the word about the release of my new book Life Unstuck. If you haven’t bought a copy for yourself, please do! If you HAVE bought a copy for yourself….how about that STUCK friend!! She will love you for it almost as much as I will 🙂

We have had hundreds of friends join the chatter about the book through the Unstuck Woman Club on Facebook, a bunch of friend blog posts, 50 ladies who signed up for hosting launch parties and best of all you precious darlings who are BUYING BOOKS!

Thank you all so much! I have been in happy tears all month because of your support.

So…..without further delay….DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

Here are the winners from our March Cute Boots Giveaway!

Launch Event Hostesses:

Kristin Digman

Karen Marsman

Robin Laney

EXTRA HONORABLE MENTION: Paula Kaye! We LOVED your cute painting idea so much–please look for a goodie from us coming your way!

photo 2









photo 1









Launch Event Guests:

Rachel Hartman (Emra Smith Guest)

Marguerite Mote (Catherine Sandoval Guest)

Pricilla Catania (Kristi Longino Guest)

We were THRILLED by the participation in our Life Unstuck Book Launch Event on March 16th! If you haven’t watched the event please grab a coffee and watch for a bit! You can find it on the Life Unstuck website as well as here on my website under VIDEOS! 

If you didn’t win–don’t go away! This was so much fun and April seems to be THE PERFECT MONTH to give away at least one more pair of Cute Boots as well as a few free books! So let’s keep this party going a bit longer, shall we?

On May 1 we will draw:

1 name from my Blog Comments: ANY time you leave a comment or greeting on my blog during the month of April, your name will be entered!

PLUS I will draw one name from my Email list, if you are on it–you are in it! if you are NOT—please sign up in the little box to your right about 1/2 way up! You are also entered into my email list when you download any FREE Gifts from the Life Unstuck Book Website!

Thank you friends, as always, you bless my heart!



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  1. Oh my WORD! I, never in a thousand years, thought I would win! Thank you so much! I am giggling on the inside (so as not to disturb my hubby’s nap.) I can’t wait to wear them!!! I count myself as quadruple blessed by Jesus in you, Pat. Surrendering the Secret helped me to heal, Unstuck is opening my eyes to new areas of growth that need to happen, being a part of your launch team has been a joy and now CUTE Boots! 🙂 So excited!

    1. Yeah Robin! Thank you so much for your help in promoting my new book! I am very, very grateful!
      Happy Easter!

  2. Awe…Thank you! The party was a blast but the book has been the REAL blessing! I’m so excited as a I continue to get UNSTUCK!!!! Life is good and God is GREAT!!!!

  3. Thank you for your GNO message at Beautiful and for this book! I truly am a 3D woman in the midst of crazy. As I type this, I am sitting on an air mattress in the middle of my 2yr olds hospital room,where we have resided for over a week now. I find myself torn as I have two other young children at home and a husband, whom are all missing me and Sarah, our special baby. As Easter approaches in 3 days, I stress about not only spending time with my Lord, and my family, but also, having to leave Sarah to do these things. She has complex issues but currently is in St Joes Children’s Tampa for vomiting, which when she does, she immediately chokes and cannot breathe! Thank you for the powerful words and the message in your book! Thank you for your testimony of being a real 3D woman at some point! I truly believe this book was meant for me at this time in my life when everything that I can normally control is so out of control, as I am also dealing with marriage counseling for my husband and I. I pray this book continues to touch many women and strengthens their walk with God and teaches them to be the true version of themselves the way God sees us!

    1. Oh Cherise, my heart goes out to you sweet sister. I know you know but I just want to remind you again–God has you HEMMED IN!! He knows your season and your challenges you don’t have to be worried or anxious about being GOOD ENOUGH! Just rest in Him. Do what is in front of you each day the best you can and let God take care of the rest. I am lifting you up in prayer right now! Thank you of taking time to say such kind words to me!
      Prayer and Hugs,

  4. I have loved every moment of this book and have been so blessed being a part of your launch team. I was in awe that I had 25 women show up at the simulcast and have been praying for each of them. Thank you so much!

  5. Hi Pat,
    Just wanted to say hello and that I just received your Life Unstuck book last night and have already dove into it. Have already learned so much already, like what kind of 3D woman I am….I’m all three lol! Love you! Happy Easter and God Bless you!

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