Warning: This post might overwhelm you with wisdom and insight!!

Many moons have risen and set since my last missive!

No this is not Poccohontas!
It’s just that I feel that so much has gone into my brain and my spirit so far this year that I really should be smarter or at least more poetic.
Somehow, somewhere, all of this amazing input MUST come out!! Must’nt it??
I recently purchased a new IPhone that contains 32 GB’s.


[giguh-bit, jig] Show IPA

–noun Computers.

a measure of storage capacity and data transfer equal to 1 billion (109) bits.

The guy at the AT&T store says that is “really allot” and is more than my brain could ever hold. I am not sure that was a compliment.
I just arrived home from attending my first ever “Women of Faith” Conference and my brain is MUSH!!
How’s that for waxing eloquent??
As I been pondering the MANY messages that God had for me in today’s conference, I began to really think about some of the amazing teachers/authors/ ministry leaders/business specialist/Dr’s/Preachers and God loving girlfriends that God has set me in front of in just the past 7 1/2 months!
I started listing just the ones that I could remember off the top of my brain GB’S without searching through files or documents. Here goes just a few of the people who have poured knowledge into my life and heart this year—from a pulpit or a podium!
This weekend:
Lisa Welchel, ExMouskateer/Actress, Author, Speaker–and Friend, who so kindly brought me along!
This does not include amazing and anointed conversations with women all over the nation, my own girlfriends in God, my own Pastor, my Amigos, my Honey, my family and my children!

The above list is by no means exhaustive! God has allowed me to share my story and ministry journey and experience in so many places across the nation this past year as well as attend many training and leadership events as a guest, that I could NEVER remember them all, let alone, list and link each on.
The question is this….
Am I smarter?
Have I changed as a result?
Is God more evident in my life? And last but not least……Do I have brain GB’s left for more??
I hope so because I really love to learn and to grow deeper in my understanding of God’s Word and His ways!

How about you??
Who has been your most memorable teacher so far this year? A bible Study teacher? A mentor? A friend or spouse?
How? When? What? has God used to pour wise counsel, teaching and ministry into your life this year?

Proverbs 4:6
Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you.

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  1. I was at WOF this weekend, too, and Patsy Clairmont is, as Jean Stockdale commented in my blog last night, a "kiss from heaven" in my life, in addition to nearly every one of those you listed.

    I have been allowed to speak on the discipline of study at a couple of retreats in recent years and I tell the ladies that one of the most important things they can study in addition to Bible study is the message and Scriptures they hear from their pastor on Sunday because it is intended to make a difference in how they live. I think the same is true of every speaker we listen to that is a vessel of God's love and grace and instruction in our lives.

    Some day I hope our paths cross and I can hear God speak to me through you, Pat.

  2. Okay… how do you two know each other? Just curious… Hi Patricia. I completely agree with your discipline… it is one of the ways I grow in God by really digging in to the sermon notes I've take on Sunday.

    Pat, so glad it worked out and you were blessed to go to WOF. Wow, YOU have listened to a lot of different preachers this year. I vouch for how smart you are because of it… you are a great blessing in my life. 🙂

  3. Hi Pat! I'm looking forward to seeing you this week!! For me, I have had many great teachers depositing into my life this year, you being one of them. I have been blessed with my amazing professors at Regent University as well as my new professors at Liberty, starting next week!

    Also, great friends and speakers throughout my journey this year. So much has changed for me. I'm excited to see who else God brings my way!

    And, of course, our one and only King of Kings!! He is teaching me daily and I am growing closer to Him.

    See you soon.


  4. Hi Pat,

    Thanks for sharing!

    What I love about the LORD is He'll use you in a pulpit, podium, pew or sidewalk. In the grocery store, the bank line, the gas station or in the salon. Anywhere we are is great opportunity to pour wisdom and insight by God's grace into others.

    Beautiful message and so glad the LORD has graced you with His wisdom and insight through those He's handpicked just for you. He's so faithful.

    Blessings and peace!

  5. I attended Women of Faith last November and loved it. I've been blessed by many of the same speakers you were. But I have to say that there are two women who have blessed me the most this year and I've not met them in person …yet.

    One of them is Lisa Shaw and I see her comment above. She has been such a good friend to me and an encourager. Did you know that she is responsible for my Heart Choices blog makeover?

    And the second woman who has touched me profoundly is Jill of Forever N Ever N Always blog. This godly woman has 8 children, is starting a worship dance studio and yet takes the time to write to me and pray for me.

    I am so thankful for many other women bloggers the Lord has brought into my life. BTW, I'm enjoying getting to know you too Pat.

  6. Meems, I LOVE "Pollywog Creek" and have been a visitor there as often as possible! We must pass one another on that sweet journey!

    Thank you for the sweet words of hope that my heart runneth over!


  7. Lisa and Debbie,
    Thank you ladies so much for stopping by for "Sweet Tea" with me. i am honored and blessed that you took the time to say hello!
    Have a wonderful week FILLING UP!!

  8. Wow! What a wonderful, thought- provoking post! Several of those who have impacted your life this year have impacted mine as well. Some through radio ministry, some through Bible study, others through books or their websites. Add to that some tremendous blog sisters…among them, Lisa Shaw (who also commented above). She is one of the most insightful teachers and genuine encouragers I've ever "met." She has blessed my life in so many ways this year.

    So thankful for your visit to my blog and your comment. It allowed me to discover yours (yet another wonderful place of insight and blessing!) I'll be back! = )

  9. Pat,

    WOW!!! What a great post! I to have been blessed by be taught by some wonderful folks myself in the last few months!

    Some of them, are on your list:
    I love Lysa Terkurst

    Have been blessed by Beth Moore

    Enjoy the Bible study "The Grace walk experience" by Steve McVey

    Love by my pastor's wonderful wife, Lisa Cannon

    Am being blessed by Sharon Jaynes who wrote "I'm not good enough…and other lies women tell themselves"

    And my sweet sweet friend….I have been blessed by, taught, inspired, blessed and loved by YOU!!! You speaking at our Womens Retreat was one of the best things for me this year! THANK YOU! I look forward to seeing you again soon, I hope!

    Terry a.k.a. Pink

  10. This was a great post!

    I really enjoy learning for Joyce Meyer, she my kinda girl. She doesn't beat around the bush and her messages challenge you.

    I love the Women of Faith, they were here in Albany, NY several years ago. It's not to far (about 2 hours) from my home.

    I'll be learning a lot this Sept. at the Carenet Convention in Maryland…can't wait!

    love and hugs~Tammy

  11. For me, my two top girls have been Kay Arthur and Nancy Leigh DeMoss! I live in Kay's home town so I have the privilege of hearing her teach live almost weekly. I have learned so much from these ladies as well as countless others. Plus, I should give a shout out to my husband/pastor who also teaches me daily!


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