Want to Re-Think Life With me at “Sweet Tea”?

I have kept a personal prayer journal for 25 years. I usually purchase a small 9X12 spiral notebook, write the date on the front when I start, then write the date on the front when I end. On average it has taken me 2-3 journals each year, that is close to 75 Journals of prayers and struggles and praises lifted up to God that I have stuffed into a box.

I have always wondered what do I really want to do with those things? They contain some pretty messy growth. Some of my ugliest, most selfish and broken character revelation lies within those pages. Yet, somehow, I can not bear to destroy them. They are real. They reflect who I have really been, who I really am, but most of all they reflect WHO GOD IS to me!!
His Grace. His Mercy. His Patience. His Abundant Provision!!
I also record what God says to me through His Word in my journals. That part is very cool to look back on. So, I was wondering if anyone might want to join me in my journaling?
Over the last couple of years I have felt less and less inclined to “journal” in the same way that I used to. I feel that God has taken me into some new places and ways to record my journey. Blogging is one of those ways.
I have some blogging friends that I adore, who are so clean and polished on their blogs. They never mis-spell anything. Their grammar is always accurate and their sentence structure correct. Some of them use big words and deep concepts. I love to read their blogs and I want my blog to be like theirs when it grows up. However, that may take 25 years! So, in the meantime, it is what it is!
For now, my blog is like me, messy, but I just love to do this. I love to sit here and think about the person that I love so much who might be reading my post today. Those who have told me they read every day. They never comment but they read. Those who email me or send me a note on Facebook. I treasure every single person who takes the time to visit “Sweet Tea” and listen to what God puts on my heart to share for the day. I care so much about what He puts on your heart as well.
I am reading through the “Message” version of the New Testament and Psalms. It is so rich with words and mental images that I just have to share my quiet time with someone besides my spiral notebook!!
So here goes. As often as I can, I am going to pick up my laptop and bring it with me to my prayer chair. For better or for worse, you will get what comes to me from God’s Word, as I get it! (Why do I feel right now, like I feel when I am taking off in an airplane. A bit dizzy and lightheaded?)
Over the past 2 weeks I have read up to Matthew Chapter 9 but I want to give you some time to catch up. All I am going to do here on the blog is say a word or two about the things I have highlighted. If you would like to read along with me, get you a “Message” Bible, a pen and a highlighter. I also recommend that you get yourself a JOURNAL. Record what God tells you each day through His Word. Remember, it is ALIVE! It applies to your life today! Which leads me to my first “Highlight”.
In the Introduction on page 9 of my version, Eugene Peterson says that as God’s Word was revealed to the world through Jesus that one by one, men and women had to begin to RE-THINK, RE-IMAGINE, RE-CENTER, all that they did in life with the understanding that Jesus is Lord and that God calls all the shots!
Wow! Isn’t that true! I remember when I first invited Christ into my Life. It was a very big mess and I had some bad mistakes to lay on the alter. Some of them took some time to bring. They just seemed too big, even for God. As I began to see the world with the new understanding that God knew me inside and out, He knew all the bad choices I had made and He still loved me and wanted my heart- PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, I began to
The Bible is filled with personal letters, eyewitness, stories, poems and teaching. From the first day that I held one in my hands I have considered it Holy, Precious, 100% True and for lack of a better word, MAGIC!
The Word of God changes lives. It has changed mine.
Let me know if you want to walk the pages with me!

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  1. I will walk the pages with you! I love to journal and just this morning I was asking God to speak to me clearly today. I believe He just has, through your post! Isn't He something? Just love how He works.

    Ready to roll……

  2. Reading God's Word and believing definitely does change lives.

    I enjoy reading your blog and to be honest if it was perfect, I wouldn't feel at home 🙂

    Will you be at the CareNet Convention in Maryland starting tomorrow? I'm going for the first time with our CPC and looking forward to learning and meeting new people.

  3. Ok, I am really excited about this! Absolutely love it! I'm in!

    Normally I would only journal on the "big" things. It's messy and ugly and embarassing at times but it brings me comfort as I look back on what God revealed to me through all of that.

    Also, I wanted to share a couple of websites where you can find different translations like The Message bible so you don't have to go out and buy one. You just choose your passage and what translation you would like to read it in.


  4. count me in! I just got a new Bible for my 40th birthday and it has the NIV and the Message, side-by-side! I also started journaling after we spoke about it a few months ago. Soooooooooooo, I'M IN!

  5. Greetings Ladies,
    I am thrilled to have you join me! I traveled all day yesterday to Baltimore and am sitting in a workshop room waiting to get started. I am not the workshop speaker yet PTL!!!
    I will be getting my thoughts on Matt 1 up in a while!!

  6. I really enjoy journaling myself and relate to what you were discussing…what do I do with them? While some of them are profound and well writen the majority are etched in the heartbreaks of 'growing up'. I journaled most often after yet another move for my family – dialoging with God begging him to explain why. That made for some ugly entries.

    I'm glad you're going to share more with us here. I'll be reading.

    Love you,

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