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I love to read.

The very first book, that I remember loving was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I can still see myself curled up on a cozy couch in my Savannah home, with 3 younger sisters busy doing things like Barbies or babies. Instead of those little girl adventures coming to life on the OUTSIDE, for me, it was all about books and what magical things were going on INSIDE!


Little did I know that someday, I would reverently hold a book that I wrote, one with my name on the cover, in those same hands, praying that somebody, somewhere might curl up on a couch and be changed through my message.

I pray every single day that my newest book, Life Unstuck, will make a memory for another woman.

I pray that PEACE, PURPOSE and PASSION linger on the INSIDE of another woman, long after the OUTSIDE is tucked away on a shelf of dropped in a Goodwill bin.

I pray that maybe YOU are that woman.

Please, take a minute to stop by my friend Tracie Miles blog, a wonderful Author herself, and enter for a chance to win a FREE COPY of my beloved book. If you do, and it makes a difference in you, I would love to hear!!


You know where I am 🙂 Curled up, reading a book! (or maybe writing one!!)

Hugs today sister!


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