Valentines Month and Unstuck Passion

“If only you, God, would slay the wicked! Away from me, you bloodthirsty men!

David Psalm 139:19

Wow! I hear some PASSION in those words, don’t you?


Passion is truly an interesting word. During the writing of my book, Life Unstuck, based upon Psalm 139:1-24, I turned those words of David’s inside out and every which way but loose. I have read every verse of Scripture containing the word passion and dug into more dictionary definitions than is reasonable for a brain like mine.

So let’s talk about passion, shall we? It’s the month for it, right?!!

Passion by definition simply means “a strong feeling.” The feeling can be good, such as enthusiasm or joy. Or it can be the opposite, such as anger or disgust. One kind of passion leads us into Life UNSTUCK and one leads us smack into a life that is very, very STUCK. The very same word can lead to two very different results.

Let me ask you friend, do you consider yourself a passionate person?

I consider myself a woman of passion. I have not always known how to direct my passion; in fact, I have experienced many moments of sadness, shame and repentance as a result of misplaced passion. Maybe you can relate? There were times when I felt nothing but self-hatred and disgust over my untamed passion and heartbreaking results. I know, I have experienced death as a result of passion in the choice to have an abortion to cover some sin of passion. I finally surrendered my passionate past to God just past my 30th birthday and have come to realize that much to my surprise, God intentionally created passion in us. I have learned that in spite of my past passionate pit falls, God wants to use my passion for His kingdom purposes. He wants to use your passion as well.

God wants to use our UNSTUCK passion for His passionate pursuits! 

David, the author of Psalm 139 and a man identified as having God’s own heart, was a man of passion. We first see David’s calling, anointing, and passion come to life in 1 Samuel in the familiar epic story of David taking down Goliath.

You might recall these words of passion from David to Saul, “Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him.” (1 Sam. 17:32)

From the early days of scripture when we first met David, we discover that he was never afraid of passion. He didn’t always express it perfectly, but David expressed passion! The thing is sister; you and I are not so different from David and were in fact, created by the very same God!

There are battles raging in our world, our community, our church, and our families that need our God fashioned passion.

God is looking for women with passion who will step up and say, “I will fight!”.

God wants unstuck women who will stand up to the enemy and say, “Get away from me, Satan!

Get away from my marriage.

Get away from my kids.

Get away from my church.

Get away from my ministry.

Are you that woman?

My guess is yes, you are.

Let’s decide today to surrender our passion to God for His passionate pursuits and kingdom calling.

Lets’ get passionate about sharing His truth and shining His light in a dark world.

Let me ask you: Where are you using your passion to fulfill your calling?

What areas in your life do you need to take back from the enemy and give to Jesus?

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  1. I need to give back to Jesus to be my most important LOVE!! I have substitute Him sometimes for work, and/or children. I want Him to be my ALL!

    1. Such a sweet and tender word Celeste!
      Without sapping for HIM 🙂 I am certain he wants to be your ALL!
      Thank you so much for sharing,

  2. Sister Pat!!!
    It’s simply amazing to me how God always has a direct message to me through your posts!!! Thank you for sharing! Pray for my marriage and that I would find the courage and passion to walk on wither my husband joins me in my ministry dreams or not!!! Let all be o glorify God!!!
    Love & Prayers

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