Trust, Repeat, Trust, Repeat….Day 15/30 Days to an Unstuck Christmas

Oh my!! We are nearly 1/2 way my friend!

I truly pray that this little journey has helped in some way to keep your Heart, Home and Harvest a bit UNSTUCK this Christmas and influenced you to focus more on God’s great FULFILLED Word.

As I have shared, if it “ain’t helped nobody else, it has helped me.”


The story of Christmas is timeless and never gets old. I NEED to be reminded of these truths. In fact, yesterday’s verse was so nice I am saying it twice. It is NOT an accident or mistake. I mean to repeat this verse. Maybe you need to hear it again as well.

I’m trusting the Holy Spirit’s guidance that you do.

I’m letting God’s love INTERRUPT ME in a tangible way today with a quiet evening walk, a spontaneous moment to stop and worship in my kitchen, a song of praise over the laundry!!


DAY 15
“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her. Luke 1:1-4 (NIV)

Nope, you’re not losing it... Because I love this verse so much, I want to camp on it one more day. Other than the pure declaration of love and loyalty Mary makes here, another thing I see about her in this verse is that Mary is INTERRUPTABLE:-)

So it’s not too much longer until Christmas Day. Is your “To Do” list grabbing things from your “To Don’t” list? I’ll just bet it is. I know because it is mine too!

I wanted to take this verse to remind US in an ever so gentle way, to be INTERRUPTABLE as we move along this week and next.

I just feel that this is a great day to begin with open hands and open hearts so that we allow God to surprise us and interrupt our plans with His. I want to allow God to redirect my path, my goals, my agenda and keep me UNSTUCK to do something BIG for Him!

In my book Life Unstuck, I share the story of our daughter Julianna. One day I was the Mom of a tween and a teen, the next day I was Mom to a 1.5 pound baby girl.

More recently I was at a speaking event in Texas, the next day I was at my precious Mother’s funeral.

One day, I was leading a crisis ministry for women, the next day I was sitting at a huge round table with all the publishing leaders at Lifeway.

Let’s keep our ears and eyes open to see how God might INTERRUPT our Holy Holidays with an unexpected opportunity to “give birth to Jesus” in our own world.

Prayer: Lord, thank you that I can fully trust you with life’s interruptions regardless of how scary or impossible they may seem at the time. Fulfill your Word in me Lord. Strengthen me to be your servant and to serve your way, not mine. I long to deliver YOU Jesus, to the world around ME! Amen.

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